How Is Kona Coffee Different?


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Like much of Hawaii, Kona offers ideal climate conditions for growing coffee. But there is something different about the Kona coffee cherries produced here that has earned this coffee a worldwide reputation for excellence. It might be the dark rich volcanic soil, which contains a perfect blend of acidity and minerals, and retains just the right amount of water. It could be the dependable cloud cover that rolls in each afternoon, protecting the delicate coffee trees from the glaring afternoon sun.

The difference could also lie in the care with which Kona coffee is handpicked, ensuring that only the highest quality berries are harvested for coffee production.

Maybe it is simply the fact that 100% Pure Kona Coffee is rare and sometimes hard to find. The rarest of Kona Coffee beans is Peaberry, making up only four to five percent of the entire Kona crop each year. Peaberry is unusual because each coffee cherry contains only one bean, while all other types of Kona contain two beans per cherry.

There are many things that set Kona Coffee apart from other coffees.

One thing is certain, though – unless the bag says 100% Kona Coffee, you are not getting 100% Kona Coffee. When you buy Kona Coffee from Maui Coffee Company, you can rest assured that our 100% Kona Coffee contains 100% Kona Coffee. For more information please visit our website


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Coffee Beans and Coffee Concerns - Enlightening All Coffee Buffs
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