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There are several steps and many factors that help to create the perfect cup of coffee. Not just one, brewing, ass many would assert. Coffee lovers strive to find the perfect cup of coffee, but are often eluded because adverse water conditions or burned beans keep them from their perfect prize. Making the the perfect cup of coffee depends on the following factors and circumstances.

The quality of the water used to brew the perfect cup of coffee is extremely important. One should use filtered, bottled, or distilled water. Removing minerals from the water that can adversely affect the flavor of the coffee is desirable for the end result. In addition to making your coffee taste better, it reduces the number of times you have to decalcify your brewing equipment. Over heated water (above the boiling point) makes bitter tasting coffee and water that is too cold makes weak coffee. Coffee drinkers should never use tap water

The quality of the beans depends on the country the beans come from, the variety of bean grown, the growing conditions in a particular year and the general climate, the method used to collect the beans, and how they were processed. The storage conditions of the beans on their long journey to the roaster are also a factor.

All of these factors have an effect on the quality of the coffee in your cup. Coffee can be like fine wine, imported beer, or single malt scotch in its complexity of flavor and aroma. The entire experience has dependence on a myriad of factors affecting the final product.

Those who appreciate the finer flavors of regional coffees and the effects that the environment has on a particular season’s crop are experts. Most individuals do not currently know anyone like this.

Most of us generally do not concern ourselves with the details of where our next half-pound of coffee is coming from. We are just looking for a good quality coffee roasted to perfection and prepared with skill and care.

The style of roasting that is used also determines a lot about the way a cup made from that coffee will taste. There are many grades of roast distinguishable by the color that the beans become when the roasting is complete and the taste of the coffee when brewed.

Coffee is traditionally roasted by placing the beans in a rotating drum over a flame or other heat source. The drum is rotated in to keep the heat even. Different roasts are produced by adjusting the roasting time. Descriptions of the roasting process are available elsewhere so there is no need to go into the details here.

The grind is also very important. This factor should not be underestimated. There are several factors to consider here. Firstly, the method used to grind the beans to make flavorful coffee in an efficient manner. Secondly, the size of the grind, from coarse to fine. Finally, consideration of the length of time the beans will be stored after they’ve been ground.

Measure your water at room temperature to be exactly six ounces per cup of coffee and use two tablespoons of grounds for each six ounce cup. A second method of measurement is to experiment with different amounts of coffee water until you get the balance just right.

Finally use clean equipment when roasting, storing, grinding, and brewing you coffee. You should wash everything with hot soapy water every time you use it. It may look clean if you just rinse, but it’s not. Coffee oils cling, taste bitter, and can ruin your perfect cup of coffee.

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