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How To Use a Percolator Coffee Pot


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Percolator coffee pots are immensely popular, particularly to those who want fresh, hot coffee, but do not have access to electricity to get immediate satisfaction for their coffee cravings. Most often, outdoor people and campers love these kinds of coffee makers. Furthermore, because they use less water without electric, and the waste is kept to a minimum, they are often used by people with strong environmental values as well.

If you are considering to get a percolator coffee pot, but are not exactly sure how to use it, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will explain exactly how to use the coffee pot and create good coffee anytime, even when you are not at home.

The first thing you need to do is make sure that all parts and accessories of the percolator coffee pot is cleaned thoroughly. This is necessary for the first use or subsequent uses. You do not want any waste that may be present on a new pot to be in your coffee and you surely do not want any oils left from the previous use to remain either.

After you have ensured that it has been appropriately cleaned, you now have to make your coffee. The 2nd step of using a percolator is to grind the coffee. The recommended grind is coarse. If the coffee beans are ground too finely your coffee will contain debris. It is a good idea to use a high quality coffee grinder that guarantees a uniform grind each and every time.

Now that you have cleaned the coffee pot and ground the coffee, you will need to assemble the percolator coffee pot together. The jug of the percolator should be filled to the suitable level with fresh water. You will then need to put the coffee you just ground into your brew basket. To get an idea of how much coffee you need within the brew basket you should use the following comparison: For each cup of water within the jug, place one tablespoon (rounded) of your ground coffee into the basket. The basket is then placed onto the jug.

Because it does not use electric, you will need to find other ways of heating the water in the jug. If you are outdoors, most people use a firepit, if indoors, a stove will work just fine. The boiling water is necessary to ensure great coffee. Typically, the cycle will only require about five to six minutes. However, make sure that you do not reboil the water as the coffee will be extremely bitter and rancid.

When you have finished with the above steps, toss the used coffee out of the brew basket and serve in coffee cups with your favorite additions. As you can see, using a percolator coffee pot is really a cinch and provides you with fresh, hot coffee, regardless of where you are.

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