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The Best Coffee Maker - A Free Coffee Maker?


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When you think of what the idea of the perfect coffee maker do you think of one that cost hundreds of dollars? What do you think of when you think of that perfect cup of coffee? To me the concept of a free coffee maker sounds best because its - well, free. Stop and ask yourself what a $500 coffee pot can do for you that a cheaper free coffee pot can't do? Hopefully you answered; nothing.

I've seen hundreds of coffee pots and coffee maker deals that I simply cannot understand. The idea of a coffee pot costing hundreds of dollars to me just seems absurd. Don't get me wrong I understand that art of a classic espresso machine with all the bells and whistles. I also understand the concept of a french press coffee maker as it allows the coffee to become silky smooth. What I could never figure out is why someone would buy a coffee maker that costs hundreds of dollars outside the specialty pots. I mean what can an expensive regular coffee maker do that a regular free coffee maker couldn't?

The concept has been around for years, mark up sells. You might be asking, what do I mean? Its a precieved value and thats merely it. It is believed that a free coffee maker must be useless and cheap. The belief also holds true that an expensive coffee maker makes better coffee. Again barring specialty coffee makers, a coffee maker is simply a coffee maker. Whether free nor paid they both would achieve the same results. You pour the coffee into the coffee pot add water and brew the coffee withing 10 minutes as there is no difference.

We are taught at a young age about perceived value. Perhaps we've seen all the scams out there and are simply afraid that something labeled as free really isn't free. You may even feel that a free coffee maker is going to somehow be sub-par from the expensive ones. Could it be the design of a coffee maker that could be the draw? Look at Gevalia a company that has been around for years giving away a free coffee maker. Gevalia offers stainless steel coffee makers that match the look of the fancier expensive coffee pots. Or even look more recently to companies like Cafe Belmondo that bring value and a good coffee pot to the table free and have thousands of customers a year signing up to get theirs. No matter how you look at it a free coffee maker is just as useful as a expensive coffee maker. Besides in todays market everyone offers a refund if you don't like something you purchased - even if its free.

Michael S Brown

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