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Cold Pressed Coffee Has Less Acid And Tastes Better!

Maraline Krey

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Reduce your coffee acid between 60% and 70% with a better, less bitter taste, through Cold Pressing!

We are a nation of people who love our coffee. So much so that many of us drink a lot of coffee and unfortunately, it's about the most acidic beverage we can drink.

There are two things we can do reduce the “acid factor" and still enjoy our coffee, one is cold press and the other is ask for cold pressed! Although I'd like to throw out the disclaimer that if you are sick or sicker, you should only be focused on a “value added" menu, or the best of the best, and coffee would not make the cut, but reducing the acid in a situation where someone really feels they need to drink coffee, but need it to taste great, cold pressing does reduce the acidity quite a bit.

Having said that however, for those of us living in the performance world that would like maintain our balance and still drink our coffee occasionally, cold pressing is one of those changes you will probably like better and never lookback.

Coffee can become more acidic from the hot brew cycle (the heat process in our coffee maker). Cold pressing simply removes that part of the process, making a concentrate coffee syrup instead, that you would place in the bottom of your coffee cup and simply add boiling water, replicating hot brewed results.

Most people have told us cold pressed coffee tastes like the Hawaiian Kona Coffee because it is such smooth coffee - it's smooth because cold pressing the coffee reduces bitterness. Using organic coffee's help as well and I like French Roast because it's been said to be the least acidic, and in my opinion, great tasting coffee.

How this process works is simple, you cold press once a week or once every 10 days and keep the concentrate in the refrigerator where it is available whenever you need it.

You can always make coffee concentrate yourself and/or cold press yourself, without purchasing the Toddy, by following the cold pressing directions found at http://biogro. us/toddy.html , simply use a large bowl, cheesecloth, and have ready a jar with a lid.

Cold pressed coffee can be easily taken on the road, left in the office refrigerator, and a big wow is it can be found at some of the better coffee houses (they use cold press use for making frozen coffee drinks) - all you have to do is ask them to use the concentrate to make your cup of java! I have them make soy latte with the concentrate. And for those wondering, I occasionally make cold and hot at home and will serve it at parties as well!

By the way, the same thing applies to cooking and food oils, look for cold pressed or fisrst pressed for better taste and healthful results.

pHealthful Hint: Best to start with pure water from your water purifier, and second choice, bottled water.

Link to see how Toddy CoffeeMaker works? http://biogro. us/toddy.html

For other secrets and waterfacts check out


About the Author:

Maraline Krey is CEO, BioGro Products LLC, and Senior National Director at InnerLight Incorporated; both are Health Based Nutritional Products Companies with a pH Body Balance focus.

In addition, Maraline is passionate about pure water, is a Nutritional Products Specialist, recognized pH Body Balance Coach, Guest Speaks at a variety of health focused events, can be heard on live radio and web radio, Author of various health articles, and is working on her first book. You can hear her most recent health focused discussion on Web Radio at


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