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Best Irish Whiskey


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Irish whiskey are considered as one of the most popular whiskeys of the world since time immemorial. You can always find an occasion to serve it with. But, still when it comes to picking the best out of various Irish whiskeys, we do get confused. So, here is a list of the top ten favorite Irish whiskeys, which you should try before you die:

  1. Bushmills Black Bush.

    This whiskey is a favorite of almost every Irish whiskey lover. It has a clean taste with superb level of smoothness. When you look at it, all you can do is just to witness the beaty of this whiskey.

    It tastes like floral is mixed with citrus and sweet vanilla. And when comes to finish, you will feel a spicy taste after swallowing it.

  2. Jameson 18 Year Blended Irish Whiskey. Right after the Bushmills Black Bus, you have this great whiskey called Jameson 18 years Blended. Apart from tasting very smooth, it has this unique aroma of honey blended autumn fruit with citrus. It has mildly spicy finish to it.

  3. Kilbeggan Blended Irish whiskey. This is a favorite of a lot of people. It has a sweet taste with tinged smokey finish.

    It smells more like vanilla and is the most drinkable Irish whiskey of the world.

  4. Michael Collins Single Malt Whiskey. This is a very highly recommended Irish whiskey.

    With an aroma of sweet orange and baked vanilla beans, you simply can’t resist it. It is very well balanced whiskey with a smokey finish, which is the longest in the category of blended Irish Whiskeys.

  5. Bushmills Blended Irish whiskey.

    It is not just soft and pleasant, but has a very rich color to it. It smells more like vanilla with a pinch of apple flavor, and contains corn grain.

  6. Knappogue Castle 1994 Distillers Private Select Single Malt. It is a favorite of a lot of people, as it has a very sweet and smooth taste with a spirit sour end to it. It has a hint of herbal fruit to it.
  7. Michael Collins Blended Irish whiskey. It is considered a simple Irish Whiskey, but has an elegant taste. It has a flavor of apricot mixed with vanilla. And has a hint of oak, when you smell it. Though, not the best but still is highly recommended.
  8. Tullamore Dew 10 Year Blended Irish Whiskey. It is a medium finish whiskey with a very sweet taste of caramel and a hint of spice, when you swallow it.
  9. Wild Geese Soldiers and Heroes Rare Irish. This whiskey also has a medium finish to it. It smells very sweet to nose and tastes more like vanilla and honey. It has a smokey flavor when you swallow it. It is a great whiskey for those who like to drink sweet whiskey.
  10. Bushmills 10. You can’t compare it to the other bushmills whiskeys as this one has a thinner taste. It has an upfront taste of green apples, with a zingy twist of vanilla. And just when you swallow it, you get the salty taste.

All the above mentioned whiskeys can be regarded as the top ten Irish whiskeys of the world. You can get all these whiskeys and more Irish whiskey and the Canadian whiskey at Lovescotch


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