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How to save money on groceries

Leah Spencer

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Is your monthly budget spiralling out of control? To bring down your expenditure, the first thing you should do is save on groceries smartly. We give you a few simple tips.

Purchase seasonal fruits and veggies: Seasonal fruits and vegetables are always cheap. If you are buying out-of-season fruits, mostly likely they must have been flown in from far off places. And by the time you buy it and consume it, the fruit would have lost its nutritional content. So eat seasonal and locally sourced fruits, which are not only healthy but nutritious, too.

Make lists: Be more organised in your grocery shopping. Never go to a grocery shop without making a list or else you will end up buying unnecessary things and will forget the most essential items. Take a look at your kitchen, and plan what you will be cooking in the next one or two weeks and then make the list of the essential items.

Use apps: The advantage of using grocery apps for grocery shopping it that you will get discounts. They will even show you the items on sale, making shopping all the more easier.

Don’t go hungry: Yes, you read it right! Never go to a grocery store on an empty stomach because you will end up buying a lot more than you actually need.

Stay away from expensive items: Grocery stores will have on display all kinds of exotic and expensive items. Stay away from them. For example, marinated meat and fish, and even jars of expensive salad dressings, which have a short shelf life. Pre-cut vegetables and fruits are also more expensive and rot fast. Avoid them.

Know where to get the cheapest groceries: Instead of buying groceries from your nearest vendor, who is most likely to charge you more for everything, it is better to buy from farmer’s markets. You will get quality items at cheap rates.

Know how to preserve vegetables: Most people have the habit of buying too many things and they end up using not even half of the stuff bought. The rest of the items go straight to the dustbin. To avoid this wastage of money learn methods like pickling and drying to lengthen the shelf life of grocery items.

Eat healthy: Do you know that healthy people buy fewer things from grocery stores than unhealthy people? It is a fact. While unhealthy people buy too many sodas, cakes, biscuits, candies, etc healthy people stock pulses, vegetables, meat, milk, etc, which are cheaper.

Check your bill: The person at the billing counter can make mistakes by scanning one item twice and so on. And you will end up paying more. So check the bill to see if they have included only those items that you have purchased and in the right quantity.

Make bigger and fewer shopping trips: Less shopping trips will cut down fancy buys.

Use reusable bags: Most shops charge a fee for each grocery bag. It is always a good idea to buy reusable bags to save money.

Check on social media: Most of the online grocery stores advertise on social media like Facebook. Whenever there is a sale, they will advertise here. So check social networking sites for great deals.

Stock up on sales: When there is a sale, you can stock non perishable items and also items that can be frozen and thereby save money.

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