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Important Questions To Ask Before You Purchase A Low Fat Air Fryer

Carrie Westengate

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If you're looking to acquire a low fat air fryer but are uncertain what they do and which model willl suit your needs, then hopefully, this article will enable you to decide which of the two primary fryers are right for you. You will also find some general buying ideas to help you along your way.

The two comparable and most established low fat air fryers on the market are the Tefal Actifry and the pod shaped Philips AirFryer. However, there have been several added since these hit the market a few years ago now. So what should you consider before making a purchase?

Firstly, look for critiques for each of the products and how other purchasers rate them and also the actual number of ratings you can find. You will frequently find that buyers will give a ‘star’ level or similar. Be aware though that you will find negative comments about the Tefal blade and lid breaking. However, these had been primarily on the earlier models and to be fair, there will always be some bad comments about all models. This may be due to the fact that a ‘bad batch’ got through the final checks or simply that some people are more difficult to please!

Products today generally carry a manufacturer's warranty. Read the small print and compare these as some will carry the shipping expense if the item needs to be returned to the manufacturer. Others will expect you to return it back to the shop or cover the cost yourself. Warranties are typically 12 months, but are at times longer. When purchasing, check out the store's own return policies.

When comparing air fryers, think about the type of accessories which are obtainable and the added price. If you prefer one fryer over the other, be sure you know the prices first. These two fryers do different things apart from delicious chips! Whilst the Philips will make cakes among other things, the Tefal will nicely stir fry and keep a curry moving.

Should you choose to buy second-hand, especially with the Tefal, check the blade and lid if it is an earlier model as this is where any problems might occur. Take a look at the heating elements carefully and plug it in to ensure the machine functions correctly.

If you find a price match offer anywhere, make certain you read the small print as there are occasionally conditions that have to be met before they will pay up!

Finding the best low fat air fryer that's affordable and suits your needs is easy for those who have time and patience to complete their homework. Look for and read as many of the online evaluations to find out what other folks are saying concerning the product. This will help offer you a good idea about the products and if the purchase is likely to be a sound one.

Should you want to find out more about specific low fat air fryers mentioned here and several more then it's worth visiting our website where you will also find a few air fryer recipes , visit for more information.


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