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It’s Okay to Go Bananas!

Jason Brunes

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Bananas are probably the most common neglected fruit on the dining table. Not only does it ripe fast but most of the time it is taken for granted for its health benefits that include weight loss, weight gain, arthritis, tuberculosis, dysentery, constipation, as well as other intestinal disorders. They are good for you because of high minerals and vitamins, which include calcium, magnesium, potassium, thiamine, niacin, and a lot more. Bananas are also low in sodium, which is why it is classified as a “heart healthy food”. Low sodium means less water retention, which is good news because water weight adds to the body’s total body weight.

It can reduce stroke by 40% and the presence of tryptophan in a banana can help alleviate psychological problems like stress and depression. It is also good for anemic people because of its iron content and it has the ability to neutralize acidity in the stomach, which is a common problem for people who experience heartburn. All the important nutrients present in a banana like Potassium, magnesium, vitamin B6 and B12, according to research, can help aid people who quit smoking by helping them recover from nicotine withdrawals. Just how, exactly, can bananas help aid in weight loss? A banana that weights about 100 grams is only packed with an estimate of 90 calories.

It only has about 0.5 grams of fat and eating a banana is bulky in the stomach that attributes to the feeling of fullness. This, in turn, prevents larger amount of intake of unnecessary food during snacks or meals. Bananas also have “resistant starch”, as mentioned in an issue of Prevention magazine and explained by experts such as Christine Gerbstadt, MD, RD, CDE, spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association. Resistant starch helps lower blood sugar levels in the body because it skips routine digestion. This stype of starch is fermented in the large intestine where beneficial fatty acids are created, one of which is called butyrate. This type of fatty acid blocks the ability to burn carbohydrates. Resistant starch also helps the body lower fat accumulation and is protective against weight gain and obesity. By eating bananas before meals, the feeling of fullness will help you eat more unhealthy food that is harder to burn by the body.

quotes about being yourself They are packed with energy that is why it is also the perfect snack after a strenuous exercise. It is high in protein that is good for controlling blood pressure and is a great source of vitamin b6 that helps maintain good skin, hair, and nails. So the next time you crave for something tasty, try not to think about junk food and grab a banana instead. Bananas are good for you with its long string of benefits that’s good for the mind, heart, stomach, skin, hair, and nails! While it may be a painful feat to resist delicious but very unhealthy food, you do not have to look miserable dieting. Eat bananas, lose weight, and look good while at it. Bananas can do all that!


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