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Can Alcohol Really Wreck Your Diet

Jason Brunes

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You’ve been dieting for the past 3 weeks and that means regular workouts and strictly watching your food intake. You’re starting to see the results. Your stomach is flatter, your legs slimmer and you generally feel lighter. It’s starting to show in your weighing scale too because you’ve already lost 8 pounds. You are more determined than ever to maintain your diet to achieve the look that you’ve been dreaming off. Everything seems to be going as planned until your friends invited you to go out for some drinks. As much as you’d like to, you’re a bit worried that it would wreck your diet and make you re-gain the pounds you worked so hard to shed. So the question is, can alcohol really wreck your diet? Are a few hours of fun worth it considering the “suffering” that you’d have to go through when you work out at the gym?

Then you remind yourself that some alcoholic beverages like red wine actually has some health benefits. It’s good for your heart, lowers your stress level as well as reduces your blood pressure. So probably having a few drinks isn’t as bad as you thought initially.

>Well, think again. Alcohol is filled with calories but have no nutritional value whatsoever. These are called empty calories and if you’re reducing your calorie intake, you should avoid calories present in alcohol because it will do you no good. If you are to eat or drink anything, make sure that it is something that will provide you with energy. Alcoholic beverages just cannot do this for you.

One thing we know about alcohol is that it’s a diuretic. Diuretics are anything that causes us to “lose water”. Isn’t it obvious considering the number of times you have to run to the bathroom when you’re drinking? Peeing flushes out important minerals in our body such as potassium, zinc and calcium. The problem is your body desperately needs these minerals for proper muscle movement. This could affect your workout, which is significant in burning calories.

Alcohol may put you to sleep because it is a downer but in no way can it provide quality sleep. Who among you fell asleep because of alcohol and felt completely rested the day after? Probably none. No one can get a restful sleep after drinking alcohol so chances are how many calories to lose weight and you would feel tired and in need of more sleep when you wake up. And because your body is tired, chances are you will feel hungry and eat more the rest of the day.

It is still best to avoid alcohol especially when you’re on a diet. One glass will not wreck it but how do you get rid of bed bugs it can be awfully difficult to stop once you start drinking. Think twice before getting a drink. It will do you more harm than the short lived satisfaction.

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