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Sodas - All You Need to Know

Jason Brunes

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I had a chance to watch a very informative show on television a few years ago. It did not only give information to me, but it also reminded and warned me of the harmful effects of this product. I have been taking soft drinks or sodas for years. I just stopped taking it when I was diagnosed of acute gastritis. I was able to recover from it. It took me years to eradicate it from my system. I could still remember the effect of sodas in my body. How it pained my stomach so hard.

Reality knocked me hard when I saw that these sodas are indeed harmful. Have you ever imagined how its acidity is used to clean toilet sinks the same manner on using muriatic acid in removing stains and dirt? It did work as well with soda! Try thinking of taking this kind of substance in our body? Why take these sodas if we could have alternative juices coming from natural fruits and even vegetables available in the market? It is safer and has no strong chemical content that could harm our stomach and its primary effects could be felt by our body.

This will not cause acid influx in our stomach alone. It could also damage the stomach’s lining wall protection, which could lead to acidity, ulcer, and other gastrointestinal problems that might lead to cancer. Natural juices from the selection of fruits and vegetables are the best liquids to take than these damaging sodas. These are not only risky for our stomach. There are other associated results as we continually drink sodas and other strong drinks that could harm other body organs.

I do agree that the taste of sodas is addictive, yet the chemical contents are destructive to the body. Here are few of the effects that we can get from sodas, let us start the countdown. First, tooth decay. It has high PH acid content that it can dissolve the protective layer of teeth, which we called, enamel. It weakens our teeth. Teeth become more sensitive and it is vulnerable to tooth decay. That’s majority of the dentists advised their patience to use straw while drinking sodas. It is also advised not to brush our teeth right after drinking sodas because it the acid will erode more enamel layers. We cannot experience that on extracted juices of natural fruits, which are freshly picked that even, protects our teeth.

The second adverse effect is liver damage. Acid accumulated in liver develops fatty liver diseases and how do you get rid of bed bugs elevates blood sugar and heart damage. Third negative effect of sodas is fatigue. It causes the loss of appetite. Since it has high PH levels, it could cause vomiting and automatic potassium dropdown. Fourth, just as it weakens the teeth, it also weakens the bones. It may escalate to bone problems such as osteoporosis and fracture. Fifth, it can cause 1-pound obesity weight gain because of the high calorie content that would trigger more major problems such as how many calories to lose weight hypertension and heart attack. Again, these are the major charges of sodas, and not just on monetary charges. Charges might be better the selection of foods that would trim down blood pressure. These are the biggest charges that we can get if we continue to take sodas in our body.

Sodas or soft drinks contain high levels of pH acid, which are damaging to the protective lining of the stomach. It also destroys the enamel of our teeth, bones, liver, and could drop down the potassium level in the body.

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Avoid Watered Down Sodas and Warm Beer at Your Next Outdoor Event
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