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How To Make A Healthy Salad in 2011

Gorry Terry

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If you want to be kind to your body and lose a few pounds, improve your lifestyle and increase your fitness levels then you should really consider eating more salads. But what passes for a good salad can be very deceptive and be quite high in calories. For a healthy salad you need to ensure that you follow a few, simple guidelines. .

We often tend to overeat on those rare occasions when we get a chance to eat, and what we eat isn’t exactly good for the body. Those microwave TV dinners are a good example. Although they may be easy to cook and may even taste good while eating, they do nothing but add unhealthy calories to your body. And given that we rarely have the time to work off those additional calories, they are unlikely to ever be shed.

A very viable alternative is making a quick healthy salad for yourself. Not only does it not take too much time to rustle up a healthy salad, but also, these salads are an infinitely healthier choice than your regular quick fix dinners.

Unhealthy Salads

Of course, one must take care to ensure that your salad itself doesn’t hide unhealthy surprises. For instance, you might not want to add processed foods to your salad. Bacon, salami and cold cut sausages might make for very tasty additions, but they aren’t light on your tummy. Instead, try adding grilled pieces of chicken or fish. They are easy to digest, lighter in calorific terms and contain lots of nutrients.

Healthy Salads

Green leafy vegetables are always welcome, of course. The more the merrier, in fact. Lettuce, cabbage, spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and peppers are all easily available, full of nutrition, are do not cause too much hassle while cutting up. Most of these vegetables will also refrigerate well, and in fact taste that much better when they are cold and crisp.

Olive oil works much better than regular vegetable oil, and also tastes a lot better. One final word of warning – avoid rich mayonnaise based dressings. A simple smattering of herbs and a dash of paprika is seasoning enough. Of course, the beauty of a salad lies in the fact that you can make endless combinations using various ingredients, spices and dressings.

Quick and easy to make, salads are the perfect answer to your pangs of hunger, no matter the time of the day. So the next time you feel like a snack, don’t reach out for some packaged snack – make yourself a healthy salad instead.

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