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Your Baking Supplies


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Your Baking Supplies Baking is very different from ordinary cooking. You need to be very precise in measuring quantities of baking ingredients you are to use to ensure accuracy. To be able to achieve this, you need specialized baking supplies from ingredients to other baking components such as equipments, tools and for packaging. It does not matter whether you are simply baking for home use or you are involved in high-volume bakery.

You need to have the right tools to enable you bake high quality products. Your baking supplies should include the following: Ingredients: Flour – You can use Corn Meal, Buckwheat, Potato or Rice flours. Milk powder – This can be either instant non-fat milk or low heat non-fat milk powder.

You can choose from malted milk or butter milk powder. Active dry yeast Baking powder – You can use baking powder, baking soda, cream of tartar, cocoa powder or egg powder. Starches – There is a wide selection from which you can choose from, including corn starch, potato starch, arrowroot starch and many others. Sugars – You can go for dextrose, organic cane juice sugar, fructose, honey sugar, lactose or maple sugar. Sweeteners – You can either use Maltitol powder or Xylitol crystals. Sprinkles – These are available in various colors including blue, green, pink, red, chocolate, purple and white.

Baking Pans There are various pans available in different designs, makes and sizes. Depending on what you intend to bake; you can use bread pans, cake pans, quiche pans, roasting pans, sheet pans or terrine and plate molds. Baking tools You definitely need dough cutters, dough scrappers, dredges, flour sifters, sugar and flour seaves, mixing bowls, rolling pins and rubber or silicon spatulas.

Measuring Tools You can go for either dough scales, measuring cups, measuring spoons or digital control scales. Oven Baking Dishes You can go for baker bowls, casserole dishes, Sizzler platters, tagines or soufflé dishes. Pastry/Dessert Molds There are boat, dariole, flan, pyramid, hemisphere, frozen dessert or dove molds.

For Pastry You will need the following specifically for making your pastry; cream injector, pastry mats, pastry forms, pastry brushes, pastry bags, icing spatula and pastry drying racks. For pie You may need the following for making your pies; pie markers, pie pans, pie servers, pie weights, pie stands and cutters. There are many online retailers and wholesale stores providing baking supplies at very affordable rates.

You can visit the stores to ensure that you get your baking supplies at the cheapest prices possible and enjoy your baking.


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