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Healthy Fast Food - Truth Or Oxymoron


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You might be surprised to see the words health food in the same sentence as the words fast food and maybe you thought fast food is the ultimate sin unless you are trying to gain weight. It is possible however to include fast food in your diet, even if you are trying to eat more healthily or lose a few pounds.

Stuffing yourself with fast food three times a day is not going to shrink your waistline but having an occasional treat doesn't do any harm, whether your preference is a hot dog, a taco or a few pieces of finger-lickin’ good fried chicken. Healthy eating is something that is always in the news these days and fast food restaurants are starting to offer healthier options and low calorie side dishes as well as the hamburgers and fried chicken.

Watch What You Order

Every day, one in four Americans will eat fast food and a lot of fast food choices pack in enough calories, fat, and sodium to provide your complete daily requirements. In addition to that, many people do not know enough about nutrition to make good choices. A green salad might look like a healthy choice but if it is smothered in high fat dressing and covered in deep fried croutons, it might contain more calories than a hamburger.

The only way to know exactly what ingredients are in your food is to prepare your own. You might not consider yourself much of a cook but some recipes are so simple that absolutely anyone can make them.

Ways to Enjoy Fried Chicken the Healthy Way

Fried chicken, for example, is a food that many people love. If you have some chicken pieces, flour, batter, oil and a deep fat fryer you can make your own in minutes. You can also make the right amount of fried chicken. In a fast food restaurant, you often get a large portion by default and feel like you have to finish every last morsel, to avoid wasting food.

Satisfying your craving for fast food once a week by making fried chicken recipes at home means you are less likely to give into temptation and visit fast food chains, pigging out on huge helpings and ordering high calorie milkshakes and fries to go with your chicken or burger.

If you are really watching your calorie or fat intake, you will be pleased to hear that there is an answer to the deep frying problem and that is called oven fried chicken. Oven fried chicken is literally baked chicken in a crispy batter which tastes like deep fried chicken, except with less fat and fewer calories.

Whether you want to make a healthy oven fried chicken recipe or indulge your craving for fried chicken once a week, you can incorporate fried chicken into a healthy diet as long as you also eat fruit, vegetables and grains as well.

The saying “a little of what you fancy does you good" is true and there is no harm enjoying fried food occasionally, as long as you eat a balanced diet. Serve your homemade oven fried chicken with mashed potatoes, corn on the cob and a generous helping of green beans and you have a healthy, nutritious meal, which tastes wonderful.

If you want to see just how easy it is to make your own delicious fried chicken recipes, have a look at where you will find a selection of mouthwatering fried chicken recipes including healthy oven fried chicken, tasty pan fried chicken and a useful cooking tips section.

If you are looking for some great recipes or tips on cooking fried chicken of your own, the site will be very helpful. Whether you want a quick and easy fried chicken, an extra crispy one, or an old fashioned fried chicken, you're sure to find it there. Fried chicken recipes like our fried chicken batter recipe with a wonderful crispy batter.

If you are in the mood for fried chicken with an international flavor why not try one of our international fried chicken recipes. These include such tasty recipes as our Mexican Style Crunchy Fried Chicken Recipe and other fried chicken taste from around the world.

Nothing but fried chicken and southern fried chicken of all kinds. Also find informative articles related to chicken and other interesting information like cooking tips and more.


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