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Boneless Chicken Makes Cooking Easy


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Chicken is already a very versatile food, but when you can get boneless chicken, your options expand greatly. Boneless chicken can be used in casseroles, soups, or stir-fries. It can be cooked in large pieces and glazed, stuffed or grilled. They cook quickly and taste great. Boneless chicken is one of the best ingredients to always have on hand in your freezer or refrigerator.

How many of us come home from work and realize we do not know what to make for dinner? Boneless chicken will come through in these situations every time. Simply take some out of the freezer. You can either thaw it in the microwave or just dump it in the frying pan to thaw while it cooks. Add a few veggies and a sauce and you can pour it over fresh pasta for a quick, easy, nutritious dinner.

Boneless Breasts and Thighs

The most popular kinds of boneless chicken you can find in the grocery store include chicken breasts and thighs. These two meaty options will see you through many meals with tasty results. Chicken breasts are the most popular choice for many families. They can be used in almost any recipe, from stroganoff to appetizers. Chicken breasts are a good choice because the meat is firm, versatile and plays well with other ingredients.

Chicken thighs, however, can often be found for less cost than chicken breasts. If you are on a budget, this can make a big difference to your grocery bill. Boneless chicken thighs can be used for most of the same recipes as chicken breasts. The meat does not tend to dry out. When you use chicken thighs in a dish that has a sauce, they seem to soak up some of the flavors of the sauce to a larger extent than breasts do. This can make a big difference if you are making an Asian dish, for example, where you may be marinating the meat in a sauce for a short time before cooking. The marinade seems to seep into every cell in the thigh meat, making them juicy, tender and a great addition to your dish.

Boneless Versatility

Boneless chicken can be prepared in many different ways. It can be fried, sautéed, fricasseed, grilled, baked, slow-cooked, stewed, poached, or broiled. With this versatile ingredient, you are limited only by your imagination. Got leftover boneless chicken? Add the cooked chicken to a salad or a casserole.

Boneless chicken is also appealing to the children in your family. Cut chicken breasts into strips and roll them in some breading. Slip them in the deep fryer for a few minutes and you can make homemade chicken strips or nuggets. They will taste better and be a healthier alternative to those found at the nearby fast food restaurants. Your children will thank you for giving them a fun meal, and you'll be happy they are eating something nutritious and asking for more.

Be sure to add boneless chicken to your monthly shopping list. Having some on hand can save you on a night you just are not sure what you want to cook, and it is easy to satisfy the most finicky palate in your family using this easy ingredient.

If using boneless chicken intrigues you, you will want to get some handy tips and a variety of recipes to try. is the perfect place to explore and to familiarize yourself with this tasty ingredient. Most all the recipes are accompanied by colorful photos so you can see what each dish will look like.

As you will see, chicken has been around for a long time, and shows up almost everywhere. Whether you want a quick and easy chicken, a creamy one, or an international recipe, you're sure to find it there.

Try our chicken Marsala recipe or maybe our crockpot chicken stroganoff recipe find them at our chicken recipes site. Nothing but boneless chicken of all kinds. Also find informative articles related to chicken's health benefits and other interesting information about this wonderful and easy food ingredient.


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