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Mix and Match Your Holiday Party

Elizabeth Randall

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Will you be hosting a party this season? I have a Mix-and-Match formula to help you decide what to serve so you will have the greatest party ever! Your guests will appreciate the extra touches you add to make the party special.

The best part of this scheme is that most of the items can be found in your grocery store! For an even tastier option, these items can be purchased at a gourmet store or online. In every case, you can pull together your party in 30 minutes or less!

Just pick one or two items from each category and you are on your way to a wonderful party! I'll show you a few combinations at the end of this article.

Gouda - Regular or Smoky
Cheddar - Mild, Medium, or Sharp
Brie / Camembert
Blue / Stilton
Mozzarella Balls
Cream Cheese Block
Cheese Balls or Logs

Summer Sausage
Smoked Salmon
Deli Ham
Deli Beef
Deli Turkey
Mini Quiche

Fruit & Veggie
Veg Tray (Carrots, Celery,
Broccoli, Cauliflower,
Baby Carrots, Cherry Tomatoes)
Red and Green Bell Peppers
Snow Peas
Honey Dew / Melon
Star Fruit

Dip / Salsa
Basil Pesto
Sun Dried Tomato Pesto
Ranch Dressing
Blue Cheese Dressing
Pepper Jelly
Tomato Salsa
Mango Salsa
Peach Salsa
Artichoke Dip
Spinach Dip
Curry Dip
Dill Dip
Tamarind Spread
Bruschetta Topping
Jams and Jellies
Pasta Sauce

Chutney / Relish
Mango Chutney
Olive Tapenade
Garlic Mustard
Horseradish Mustard
Farmhouse Chutney
Apple Cranberry Chutney
Pineapple Chipotle Salsa
Sun Dried Tomato / Olive Relish
Pomegranate Cranberry Chutney
Hot Pepper Raspberry Preserves

Crackers / Bread
Water Crackers
Savory Herb Crackers
Roasted Garlic Crackers
Spring Onion Crackers
Blue Cheese Sesame Seed Crackers
Asiago Cheese Crackers
Rosemary Parmesan Crackers
Aged Cheddar Beer Crackers
Tortilla Chips
Potato Chips
Corn Chips
Pita Chips
Bagel Chips
Baguette Chips
Mini Toasts
Cheese Sticks
Pizza Dough

Special Touch
Mixed Nuts
Spiced Pecans
Roasted Peanuts
Sesame Nut Mix
Almonds, Any Flavor
Olives, Any Flavor / Stuffing

Don't forget the Essentials
Plates, Cups or Glasses, and Utensils for Eating
Bowls, Plates, and Utensils for Serving
Lightening and Decorations to Fit Theme
Music and Games to Fit Theme
Party Favors or Gifts to Fit Theme

Just a Few Ideas for Winning Combinations:
Meatball Magic Party
Cheese: Swiss Wedge or Gouda Ball
Meat: Meatballs
Fruit / Veggie: Endive, Cherry Tomatoes, Baby Carrots, Red and Green Bell Peppers
Salsa / Dip: Basil Pesto and Sun Dried Tomato Pesto (for cheese and veggies)
Chutney / Relish: Mango Chutney (for meatballs and cheese)
Crackers / Bread: Sea Salt Pita Chips, Spring Onion Crackers
Special Touch: Valdosta Spiced Pecans

Tex-Mex Party
Cheese: Sharp Cheddar Wedge or Slices
Meat: Buffalo Wings
Fruit / Veggie: Celery, Carrots, Ripe Olives, and Sliced Apples
Salsa / Dip: Blue Cheese Dressing (for wings and veggies)
Chutney / Relish: Farmhouse Chutney (for cheese and apples)
Crackers / Bread: Tortilla Chips, Water Crackers
Special Touch: Smokehouse Almonds

Deli Delight Party
Cheese: Deli Sliced Swiss, Cheddar, and Provolone
Meat: Deli Sliced Ham, Beef, and Turkey
Fruit / Veggie: Veg Tray, Sliced Pears
Salsa / Dip: Vindaloo Curry Sauce (for veggies and dollop on canapes)
Chutney / Relish: Apple Cranberry Chutney (for pears and canapes), Horseradish Mustard (for beef)
Crackers / Bread: Roasted Garlic Crackers, Mini Toasts
Special Touch: Golden Roasted Peanuts

Easy Elegance Party
Cheese: Brie Round
Meat: Smoked Salmon
Fruit / Veggie: Grapes, Endive, Snow Peas, Asparagus Spears
Salsa / Dip: Dill Dip (for veggies and salmon)
Chutney / Relish: Mango Chutney (for cheese)
Crackers / Bread: Blue Cheese Sesame Seed Crackers, Water Crackers
Special Touch: Citrus Stuffed Gourmet Olives

Enjoy your party!
Liz Randall and Family

These and other meal and entertaining ideas can be found at

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With my ‘Party in a Bag's you can prep your party in 30 minutes - Flat! You provide the fresh ingredients - I send all the rest right to you door. You really can have your time and party, too!

I sincerely hope you have fun with your meal planning and prep,

Liz Randall and Family


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