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Mexican Foods Update - Mexican Menu Growing in Popularity


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Mexican foods continue to enjoy a rich history and tradition not only for people of Latino heritage, but for most Americans. Mexican menu items have the rich, robust flavor and kick that stays with you for long hours, just what people need with the rising cost of food now.

With the economy growing tighter by the day, Mexican dishes and recipes continue to attract the tastes of a growing chorus of people. As food cost continue to soar like a thermometer in the July desert, Mexican foods help to fill hungry stomachs on a budget.

Best Mexican Food

The best Mexican food according to the latest University survey in terms of popularity? Tacos, enchiladas (beef and chicken), tamales, refried beans, rice, taquitos, chicken quesadillas, and chicken fajitas to name a few. These popular Mexican menu items continue to grow in demand everywhere from trendy Mexican restaurants and bistros to sidewalk vendors. Most are quick to prepare, easy to eat, and taste great. The Mexican food influence on the world continues to impress.

The Rise of New Mexican Foods

Among the old tried and true traditional Mexican foods, new combinations, additions and variations come to form what many call the New Mexican Foods. For example, various bar-b-que sauces containing such Mexican seasonings as green chili, chipotle, lime and other favorites.

There's also, sauce designed specifically for beef , chicken, pork and fish dishes. Dry mixes continue to grow on more Mexican influenced menus to the delight of Mexican caterers and party host.

The condiment that continues to expand in flavor and has quietly replaced ketchup as Americas number one condiment. Salsa comes in every heat range, from delicately mild to five-alarm blazing. Would you believer there's even a Salsa for diabetics?

Mexican Chicken Recipes Growing in Scope

Mexican chicken, with it's robust flavors and seasonings have a favorite status position among more family dinner tables. Why? Because of it's ease of preparation, low cost and health benefits.

Mexican chicken recipes is one of the most searched items online when it comes to south of the border menus. From casseroles, stews and grilling tips, Mexican chicken cooking techniques continue to spark the taste and imagination of more people.

Mexican Breads That's Addicting

Mexican Breads continue to hold a special place in growing numbers of people's hearts. From the traditional flour and corn tortilla, to the Navajo taco, Adobe bread and don't forget the ever popular green Chile corn cakes.

Mexican breads also cover the vast array of Mexican sweet Breads. Mexican sweet breads, known for there unique taste, shapes and attractive colors continue to grow in popularity as well.

The more popular sweet breads come filled with fruit, cream, topped with butter or simply plain. The Mexican breads, used to celebrate special occasions, have a festive appearance as well taste to everyone who consumes them.

Mexican Desserts Getting More Love

Mexican Desserts add the perfect conclusion to every Mexican Menu. Come on, who could resist the decadent taste of a robust slice of Margarita Cake. Or if you ate a little too much dinner finish it off with a piping hot (but light) apple enchilada.

While we're on the subject of popular south of the border style desserts, tell me this. Who doesn't love the crispy on the outside - fluffy on the inside taste of a piping hot Churro with cinnamon and sugar? Can you say, “Hmmm!" These are small samples of the popular Mexican desserts that continue to grow in popularity.

Mexican Buffet is Heaven on Earth

If you love Mexican Food, you haven't lived until you take the time to feast at an authentic Mexican buffet. You'll find all your Mexican menu favorites we've talked about in this article . . . and more!

Trust me, before you sit down unbuckle the top button on your slacks. In fact, wear your comfortable sweat pants. Why? Because your stomach will stretch with the “belly busting" menus items, delicacies and taste treats you'll find at a Mexican buffet. Mexican Menus: Good Taste and Affordable Cost.

Yes, Mexican foods continue to expand into the dining landscape of America, from the home kitchen to the Mexican restaurant and buffet. The affordable cost, the scrumptious variety, and the satisfying feeling it gives you makes the taste of Mexican Menus hard to resist. Enjoy!

Roy Primm, has written dozens of articles on the popularity of Mexican Foods and other Mexican menu items. See the Top 10 Mexican Recipes for this month (based on reader polls) go to .


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