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A Little Juicing History

Mark Snare

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A little background is always good, and juicing and using food to increase health has been around for a while now however there are a few notable events and people that have furthered the cause

The first juicers are still amongst the most potent and effective; these were large cumbersome hydraulic press style machines. Pioneered and improved constantly by Dr Norman Walker who started researching the health benefits of fruits and vegetables in the 1920's. His research led to the development of the Norwalk juicers, still available and recommended today by the Gerson Cancer Therapy Trust.

As juicing become more mainstream there became a need for a more manageable household juicing machine and so the first twin gear, auger and centrifugal juicers started to appear and be developed. Juicing became incredibly popular in the late 70's with the rise of some notable people such as Anne Wigmore, one of the world's keenest wheatgrass juicers.

Norman Walker, its said, himself went on to the ripe old age of 118 years young, a great example of the power of raw living juices!

Further refinements and modern production techniques brought the price of juicers to within the reach of all. Now we see an excellent range of juicers available. The high street shops still prefer the centrifugal style of juicer, whereas the more specialist juicer supplier will always tend to recommend single auger or twin gear machines on grounds of usability, juice yield and health benefits.

"Beauty and vitality are gifts of nature for those who live according to her laws “Leonardo Da Vinci

The most modern juicers are now excellent, the oscar vitalmax and machines such as the Angel and Green Power Kempo deliver excellent results in very user friendly packages. In the modern convenience based society we live in most people have noticed that certainly dietary wise something has gone missing.

We believe that “something" is the life in our food; modern farming and processing techniques have given us easy living but left our food lifeless. With this reliance on processed food and convenient living you can also plot the rise and rise of cellular diseases such as cancer. There is no mystery to the health benefits of raw juices and natural foods, they simply contain all the naturally occurring nutrients needed to sustain life at its healthy best, any artificial process or treatment lessens their potency.

The movement towards organic supplies, raw food and juices is a definite ‘return to nature’ and a realization that shortcuts often cost you in the long run. I hope you enjoy reading this article and can fit as much raw, living food into your life as you can.
There is more information on juicers and health here

Mark Snare owns and operates and lives a fresh and fruity life!

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