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Blow Energy Drink - The Truth!


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It seems today's population loves controversy and is always ready to raise a hue and cry about nothing. They seem to focusing on entirely irrelevant issues rather than tackle those which really make a difference. The latest product to receive public outrage is Blow energy drink! Why? Simply because it mimics cocaine in packing? It comes with fake credit card and a mirror like the drug? Well, what is not comprehensible is the complete mistrust that the watchdogs of the society are placing on the young crowd of our society. Blow is nothing but an energy drink. It cannot be snorted or injected; it can only be mixed with your beverage and drunk like a normal beverage.

Well, you can try snorting it! It is irritating and you will be laughed at for trying such a gimmick. Blow energy drink is not snortable or injectable. Ok, another point that people have is that Blow energy drink mix comes as a white powder in a vial! Well, as far as the point about white powder is concerned, there are so many white powders in use. Salt, powdered sugar, glucose, all are white. Why just point fingers at the BLOW? Why don't people think of banning these substances since they “resemble" the white cocaine? Another point that they have is that the Blow mix comes in vial. Ok, so what? There are many white powders in vials which may resemble cocaine like albumin and many injectable medicines. So, are they banned? Do they glorify drug use?

People say Blow energy drink glorifies drug use because since the advertisement shows lines of white powder and pictures of white blocks. Ok, sure it uses this imagery. However, aren't their products which market themselves as being great and showing their consumers as being invincible and yet they are the deadliest in the world! For example you can talk about cigarette, alcohol and all tobacco related products! Cigarette accounts for majority of cases of lung cancer and asthma. In fact passive smoking it self accounts for quite deadly diseases. Alcohol accounts for majority of heart problems and cardiac arrests and drunken brawls. Why don't we take these facts into account? Why don't people think about banning these products? Why should Blow energy drink be in the limelight? We all know Blow is simply an energy drink which has caffeine and taurine. Blow energy drink is targeted at the above 18 crowd! Why? Simply because after 18 years of age, a human being is considered mentally and physically responsible for his own decisions. So, thinking that just because advertisements show cocaine imagery, the young population will be influenced to take cocaine is purely going too far. This population needs energy drinks to enjoy their lives and also work. Hence, Blow energy drink is for the younger population.

Blow energy drink has nothing to do with cocaine. It is purely a publicity gimmick to gain over the competition. Blow energy drink is purely an energy drink and nothing else!

Christopher Schwebius is an entrepreneur who seeks out sharply defined, specifically focused topics to research. Upon finishing his research he provides relevant, un-biased information to his readers based on his discoveries and/or personal experiences.

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