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Comparing Water Filtration Systems and Techniques


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This article is going to discuss and compare water treatment systems. There could be several techniques of purifying water. They could be treated at source or they could be the ones operating at the point of their usage. There are several water treatment systems we are going to talk about here. These would be the carbon filtration and multi stage system, distillation, reverse osmosis and pitcher and carafe style filters. There are other techniques like ion exchange, sub-micron filtration or mixed systems. We are not discussing them here and concentrating on the four major practiced forms of water treatment systems. You have to choose the best possible options to suit your budget and your needs. So check out the list of advantages and disadvantages of each system, compare water treatment systems of each kind and then make your decision.

About Distillation:

Advantages: The deadly bacteria running wild in your water are removed by this system successfully. There are other inorganic substances which can be vaporized if they have a lower boiling point than water.

Disadvantages: There are several contaminants which have a lower boiling point than water. These could survive distillation and remain as pollutants in the water. The final distilled product will not be free of these liquefied pollutants for sure. If we are to compare water treatment systems, we are also to look into the power costs of these systems. Given the fact that each gallon of water costs over 20 cents of electricity to be filtered under the distillation system along with extra costs for freeing the water of the remaining impurities, it is obvious that this system works less effectively than the other water treatment systems you would use at home.

About Reverse Osmosis:

Advantages: This technique has been made popular by desalination plants. It helps filter out lead, arsenic and other contaminants which are present in groundwater. It basically sees to the fact that molecules larger than water molecules are cleaned up by the usage of this technique.

Disadvantages: The chief problem of using this technique is the fact that it leads to the removal of a few essential minerals present in groundwater. Also given the fact that herbicides and other chemicals of this nature have smaller molecules than water molecules, they persist in the water even after the reverse osmosis has cleared the other chemicals. Reverse osmosis, if we were to compare water treatment systems, would be the worst kind of water purifier possible. It creates a huge residue of wastewater. It consumes a lot of power required to make the pumps work (over 18 cents per gallon). It also takes a lot of time. Not only this, the equipment is extremely expensive. Obviously the water has to go through further filtration.

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