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Tasty Mexican Spices The Hotter Side of Cooking


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Many Mexican recipes contain Mexican spices. You can get some of these spices, such as garlic, pretty much anywhere but others give unique flavors and are harder to find. Epazote is an uncommon spice. Also known as “Mexican tea, " epazote flavors foods such as beans. It is poisonous in large amounts so care should be taken. It is good at soothing intestinal pains caused by overindulgence in beans and similar foods. The spices should be matched to the meal so spices for Mexican refried beans, for example, would be a different mixture to the spices for cheese enchiladas.

Another Mexican spice frequently found in Mexican dishes is chili powder, sometimes spelt chile powder. This spice is actually a blend of various chilies and other spices. It is used to flavor vegetables, salsas, meats, poultry and pretty much anything else. Chile powder is also a key ingredient in many sweet Mexican dishes and treats. Chipotle chili powder is made from dried, smoked jalapeo peppers. It has a unique taste and suits plenty of recipes. Chipotle is also becoming increasingly popular outside of Mexico. Ancho is another type of chili, which tastes sweet and fruity. Depending on the chili powder recipe, you might want to use green chile powder or pasilla chile powder, since each will give a slightly different flavor to the recipe they are added to so experiment.

Cumin, coriander, and oregano are very popular Mexican spices. Tomato dishes are often improved with some earthy oregano. Coriander is spicy and goes well with many recipes. Cumin, which takes three or four months to grow, has a very unique taste. It is a dry seed from the cuminum cyminum herb, which is a member of the parsley family. This spice is used to make chili powder and a variety of curry powders. You can also make a tea called “cumin cider" from this spice. Cumin has been used in cookery for hundreds of years throughout Mexico.

Recado rojo is a special blend of spices that are from Mexico. It was used as long ago as the Mayans. The spice mixture is red because of the added annatto seeds, which give food a red look to them when added. The blend contains spices such as cinnamon, clove, cumin, oregano garlic, and more. This blend is associated Mexican foods found in the Yucatan. It would be very easy to make this from your own home.

The shrub that annatto seeds come from is called achiote. Grown in Southeast Asia and introduced to the Spanish in the 1800s, the achiote fruit itself is not edible. The American Indians used annatto for body paint many years ago. Some parts of the achiote plant can be added to medical remedies to treat burns and headaches.

If you want to try these spices from your home, they are available at major grocery stores. You can even make your own blend of Mexican spices. Gather a few of the mentioned spices in this article, along with paprika and salt, and blend them together for a sensational burst of flavor. This is a great blend of chilies. It can be added to foods that are baked, broiled and barbequed. It is perfect on chicken and pork. It is an excellent addition for your next barbeque. Let the grilling begin!

Mexican food recipes that your family will beg for every time with the taste of traditional Mexican recipes . Find information on just why Mexican cuisine is so popular and why so many people are discovering this healthy diet.


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