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Healthy and Delicious Tilapia Fish Recipes


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There are many tilapia fish recipes, each of which offers a slightly different texture and taste. Tilapia is very versatile and there are several recommended cooking methods, baking being one of the best.

Not only are all baked fish recipes delicious but also tilapia is a very healthy fish and an ideal part of a nutritionally balanced diet. Tilapia is a mild-flavored fish, which means you can feel free to use tilapia fish recipes with strong sauces. Eating Tilapia, twice a week has various health benefits and this fish is available all year round.

A small piece of salmon contains 158 calories and the same sized piece of tilapia has only 85. The salmon contains 7.9g of fat and the tilapia only 1g for the same sized portion.

Tilapia Fish Recipes - Health Benefits

A small portion of tilapia fish has about half the calories of an equal size piece of salmon. The salmon ways in with a whooping 158 calories, which as said is about double! In addition tilapia contains only 1g of fat compared to 7.9g of fat in the same sized portion of salmon.

Tilapia contains no carbohydrates or fiber. It is low in sodium and a good source of phosphorus and niacin. Tilapia is also a plentiful source of selenium, protein, and vitamin B12. The only negatives are that it is quite high in cholesterol and does not contain healthy omega-3 fatty oils but you can make up for this by consuming oily fish such as mackerel or salmon once or twice a week too.

Tilapia fish recipe nutrients vary depending on how the fish is prepared and cooked and what fats or sauces are added. You can marinate tilapia but you should only marinate it for a short time because else the proteins will be broken down, resulting in mushy fish. Grilling is another cooking method although tilapia does tend to be thin and small, meaning it tears easily if you are not careful. It needs only a few minutes grilling else it might dry out. Tilapia has a delicate taste and suits most seasonings. Grilling is a healthy way of cooking tilapia. You might want to grill a whole fish with some seasoning added or you might want to marinate it first.

You can use a baked tilapia recipe too. You will need to add fat by brushing on some oil or melted butter, to ensure the fish remains moist. This type of fish can dry out easily because there is very little fat content, so using butter or oil has great results.

You might like to place the tilapia on a bed of celery and onion or bake some vegetables with it or some thinly sliced vegetables on top of it to add moisture during cooking. If you want to saute the tilapia, this will also require butter or oil. If you do not want to add extra fats, steaming the tilapia is also a good cooking method.

Tilapia Fish Recipes Using Oil

You can bake or saute tilapia in oil or melted butter. If you would rather use oil, peanut, or sunflower oil are good choices, as they will not change the flavor of the fish. Many other oils will add their taste to the tilapia. Olive oil or canola oil can be used but you will be able to taste the oil flavor as well as the fish. Preparing tilapia with fats is also healthy, since fats are one of the major food groups required for overall good health.

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