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Rooftop Grill Finding a Grill That Scales the Heights


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If you live in a building like an apartment or highrise condo, without a place to grill out, maybe what you need is the perfect rooftop grill. Maybe you would like a grill that takes up almost no space when you store it, rests safely on a tabletop during cooking, cleans up in your dishwasher, and performs all sorts of cooking chores, like steaming, roasting, grilling, pan-frying, and even smoking, with ease. And maybe you would appreciate it even more if this perfect rooftop grill used very little charcoal.

If that describes what you're looking for, you should consider the Cobb Premium Portable Grill. The Cobb does everything I've just described, and even more. It's a great little grill that others have called a complete cooking system, and a “kitchen-in-a-bag. " I can give you some more information.

The Cobb is light, just under nine pounds, and very compact, fitting in an area just a little bigger than one square foot. Think about all the tiny corners you could store a grill like that in, and still leave enough room for all your other gear! When it comes time to get the Cobb out (or put it away!), there's no lugging a heavy, cumbersome grill around. If a rooftop grill is what you need, the Cobb should be your grill of choice.

But what about what you buy a grill for in the first place. . . cooking? The Cobb Premium Portable Grill shines there, too. With just one or two of the Cobb's available accessories, like the griddle, the roasting rack, and the frying dish/wok, you can use your Cobb for everything from roasting a whole prime rib or pork loin, to steaming some fresh beans or asparagus. Use the Cobb's “secret" flavor well to add flavor and moisture to whatever you cook, and you'll have your guests begging for more. They won't believe you turned out their dinner on your rooftop grill!

They surely won't believe that you did it all using just 8-10 charcoal briquettes, but that's exactly what the Cobb uses. This little workhorse will burn for a full three hours on just that much charcoal. Where else can you find a grill that will do that? No more buying and lugging home those huge, heavy bags of briquettes. One small bag will last you weeks, or even months.

When it comes time to cleanup, the Cobb's aluminum and stainless steel construction, and non-stick cooking surfaces, mean you can put the Cobb right in your dishwasher, letting you off the hook. The Cobb’ stainless steel mesh base stays cool-to-the-touch all throughout the cooking cycle, so you can cook on any surface safely and without fear, and even move your Cobb around during cooking. No other rooftop grill has all these features and benefits.

So now you can see why, if you're looking for the ideal rooftop grill, you don't need to look any further than the Cobb Premium Portable Grill. You can find out everything you need to know by clicking through to rooftop grill .

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