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5 Great Juicing Tips When Making Your Own Fresh Juice and Recipes to Get You Started

Shannon Medley

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There is nothing healthier or more nutritious for you than freshly prepared vegetable or fruit juice. You can get almost all the necessary daily mineral and vitamins that you need by drinking delicious glasses of freshly prepared juice each day. Why not drink a glass of carrot juice instead of eating 5 pounds of raw carrots?

1. Most fruits and veggies have high water contents. This is what makes it possible to juice them. Fruits and veggies that have little water content like bananas and avocados should not be placed in the juicer. If you plan on using these, process any other fruits & veggies in your juicer first and then combine your processed juice with the denser items in a blender.

2. Wash all your produce very well prior to juicing. Remove any bruised or damaged portions of the fruits and veggies. Whenever possible use organically grown and unsprayed produce to make the purest juice.

3. Most fruits and veggies cannot be placed in your juicer whole. You will need to cut them into smaller pieces to fit in the size of your juicer. Experiment and you will soon learn the correct size to place in your juicer.

4. You can include the stems and leaves of most fruits and vegetables to increase the fiber and nutritional value of your juice.

5. It is always best to make your fresh juice just prior to drinking it. Making a large batch and storing it may dilute the nutritional value of your juice.

Try out some of these juice recipes:

Cantaloupe Cocktail:

½ Cantaloupe include skin = Cut Cantaloupe in strips and process the juice in your juicer.

Garden Salad Delite:

3 broccoli florets,
4-5 carrots, 1 garlic clove,
2 stalks celery, ½ green pepper

Push broccoli florets and garlic through hopper along with the carrots. Follow with celery and green pepper.

Pineapple Protein Smoothie:

3 pineapple rings with skin,
4 oz. soymilk, 1 ripe banana,
2-3 tbs. protein powder

Juice the pineapple in your juicer. Process the juice and rest of ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.

So don't wait, get started to a healthier you by purchasing a juicer and looking for more great juice recipes


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