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Shauna Hanus

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Just this morning my mother was telling me about all the Italian and Greek immigrants she and my dad lived amongst when they were first married. As she spoke of all the intense aromas that filled their little neighbor in Youngstown, Ohio she began to reflect on their superstitions. One particular long held belief was the protecting strength of garlic.

She explained how when the local high school football team was playing a neighboring school that was know to have a bigger and stronger team the mothers would tie a garland of garlic around the boys necks. The mom's would then say if the garlic doesn't do the trick the smell will surely knock the opposing team over. This little story got me to thinking about all the benefits of garlic.

I have heard told that Egyptian slaves ate garlic and onions to keep up their energy levels while building the pyramids. In fact, folklore indicates that garlic can ward off vampires, and even the plague.

Current research is showing that raw garlic can help prevent and cure some types of infections. There are even believed to be some compounds in garlic can help stimulate the immune system, helping to reduce the body's chance of developing certain types of cancer. Garlic is believed to increase heart health and can help regulate blood sugar.

Of course eating raw garlic can cause quite a case of garlic breath. If you are so inclined to eat raw garlic you can try chewing a fresh sprig of tarragon, after the garlic. This can lend temporary relief to garlic breath.

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