How to Pick Fire Morels for Profit


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Few things compare to thrill of poking through the woods, grass, and underbrush in search of this tasty little morsel. When you do find them chances are that there will be more than one. The reason for this is that fungi tend to have an underground “root" system that is normally there but relies on the proper conditions to flourish.

Moisture, temperature and other factors dictate whether they will “pop" and when. A link has been observed between wildfires one year and morel mushroom fruiting the following spring. There may also be a link between morels and extensive tree mortality from insect epidemics (for example, the mountain pine beetle).

Fire Morels are renowned for their earthy taste and pleasing texture, the morel is a rare delicacy prized by chefs and mushroom hunters alike. Most of the Canadian mushrooms are exported to French and European restaurants.

Morels are one of the few mushrooms associated with wildfire in British Columbia forests.

Wild morels from British Columbia forests comprise a multi-million-dollar non-timber forest products industry. My book Fire Morels for Profit explains how to pick the morel so that buyers will give top dollar, what equipment is needed and where to find picking spots.

As an avid, seasoned mushroom picker, I wanted to share my experience and help mushroom-pickers start picking the right way without having the heartache of having mushrooms discarded by buyers because they were not picked correctly.

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