Ganoderma Coffee and It's Health Benefits


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Everybody likes a secret right?

Well I’ve got one for you and odds are you’re going to love it. Ganoderma coffee is a healthy, and full flavored alternative to your regular old cup o’ joe.

Now before you start to stutter over pronunciation, (Ga-No-Der-Ma) let me be the first to share with you the good news. I’m sure most of you have heard by now that America’s love affair with coffee has soared; 300 million cups a day we put down.

Now wouldn’t it be nice if somewhere in those 300 million cups something started to give back and actually make you healthier? It has, and the It is Ganoderma.

It is amazing that even in 2007, a lot of our technological research can lead us right back to ancient civilzations and their discoveries.

For thousands of years in Asia, the reishi mushroom, where Ganoderma is found, has been prized for its rumored ability to heal, promote good health and wisdom. It was revered by emperors and kings as being vital to a strong life force and this without the benefit of even a microscope to see what they were consuming!

As modern day scholars look into these texts, they are finding more and more the restorative properties that the Ganoderma possesses.

While many people may make extravagant claims as to what ganoderma can do, there is scientific proof that ganoderma lucidum inhibits apoptosis(cell self destruction) in human white blood cells, which lies at the root of many auto-immune viruses humans can be suspectible to.

Scientific research also shows that compounds found in ganoderma do lower blood sugar and also complicate the clotting of blood platelets, which is why it is used to treat such diseases as strokes and atherosclerosis.

As research moves forward, scientists are looking in to its potential in the realm of nervous system disorders and as an anti-inflammatory for people with asthma as well.

While many of us are very conscious of the fact that some food we eat can be deadly to our survival in the long run, it is still a difficult battle for most to switch to “all natural” or “low fat, no sugar”.

And because remembering to take out the garbage can take days, most of us avoid otc vitamin tablets. But when was the last time you forgot to drink your morning cup of coffee? Rarely I’m sure.

So why not up the ante with that daily cup of joe and drink something that’s going to promote the health of your body.

And unlike all those weight loss promoting drugs you hear advertised now a days, ganoderma is not a miracle elixir that promises you a fountain of youth and delivers a foul tasting pill that leaves you nauseated and sick.

Ganoderma is natural, safe way to start bringing your body the health and peace of mind it deserves.

Keith Kearney is a successful Gano Excel distributor and member of the “Gano Gold Team” who speacializes in teaching others how to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you would like to talk to Keith or try any of these Reishi products visit:


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