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The senses come alive in Spain - acutely and accurately. For anyone wanting to sample the sensual flavors of authentic Spanish cooking, Spain is guaranteed to be a paradise of sorts. Picture these: fresh seafood, the most tender and delectable meat, rich spices, and newly picked fruits. Then, add to all that sunshine kissing your face, a cool wind blowing strands of hair off your face, and the lulling sound of waves telling you you're right where you belong. Who could say no to having such a beautiful dream come true? No one, and cheap flights from UK to Spain now make it easier than ever before for just about anyone to fly from anywhere in the world to the country where flamenco was born.

With airfare as low as £50, cheap flights from UK to Spain depart from at least 25 UK airports, including Birmingham, Cardiff, Bristol, Manchester, and Liverpool. The frequency of departure of cheap flights from UK to Spain assures you a ready seat any day of the week.

The Proof of the Pudding Is in the Eating
Once you get to Spain, unleash the ultimate gastronome in yourself. Spain is a wonderland for the picky eater. Its geographic uniqueness, cultural diversity, and climate variations have yielded a wide array of dishes that are sure to delight any tongue or palate.

Surrounded by an ocean, Spain is a country that maximizes bounty from the sea. A large number of the country's dishes have seafood as the main ingredient. Discover how the haughty Espanola eat when you try calamari, or fried squid, boiled langosta, or lobster, or some fresh prawns or shrimps, also called gambas frescas.

A Richly Assorted Pot
Cheap flights from UK to Spain will not only let you catch glimpses of the running bulls of Pamplona. It will open culinary doors for you. With Jewish and Moorish influence permeating the entire country of Spain, it is no surprise that the heritage from these cultures has been sprinkled onto food as well. Subsequent variations to the preparation only give the dishes more flavor and at the same time, makes them truly and uniquely Spanish.

Typical Spanish Fare
Some of the dishes you shouldn't miss include:

Arroz a la Cubana: a rice dish cooked with black beans and tomato sauce
Cocido: stew consisting of meat and chickpeas
Lechazo asado: roasted lamb
Paella: gold-colored rice with slivers of pork liver and raisins; the golden color of the rice is imparted by saffron, one of the ingredients of the dish.
Chorizo: spicy sausage
Tortilla de patatas: simply egg omelet with potatoes

To Life, to Wine!
Besides being noted for its cuisine, Spain is also a well-known producer of wines. Take time to sample wines from the at least 40 of the country's known wine regions. In choosing the appropriate wine to accompany your meal, rudimentary of the following terms will be most helpful to you.

Añejo: aged
Cepa: vine or grape name
Bodega: the winery that manufactured the wine
cosecha or vendimia: the vintage year

Note that all wine regions in Spain have a specialty. You may want to sample fruity white wines from the Northeastern Mediterranean, red wines from the Island of Mallorca, or strong red wines from the Southeast Mediterranean.

Cheap flights from UK to Spain offer you more than an opportunity to travel. It will bring you straight from the airport and into a richly textured and diverse cooking pot.

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