Paper Pig On The Rear View Mirror!

Bob Alexander

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Nothing quite overwhelms the senses like the aroma of hickory smoked barbeque! Sometimes I drive past a barbeque restaurant hoping to get a whiff of smoke from their cooking fires. Just to get a sniff of the heady scent that drifts from genuine pork barbeque cooking on hickory coals, normally will get me through the week until I fire up my own barbeque pit.

The tantalizing fragrance that tempts the taste buds has just for a moment, allowed me to escape the battles of everyday life and rest contentedly in the warm embrace of barbeque smoke. Wouldn't it be wonderful to carry that aroma with you where ever you go? Of course that's impossible, but I have a solution and the more I think about it the more excited I get. I may be onto something!

Hickory smoked barbeque air fresheners! Instead of having one of those little green cardboard pine trees hanging from your mirror to freshen your car, you have one that has been cut in the shape of a pig. Emanating from that cardboard cut out would be the most tantalizing scent that has ever been offered to the American public; the irresistible aroma of hickory smoked barbeque.

Just think of the market for such a product! While there are different scents available, from apple pie to pine trees, I can't find where there is actually a paper pig air freshener. I think my chances are good that it hasn't been invented yet. If it were already on the market every son of the south would have one dangling from the mirror on his pick-up truck.

Barbeque down here in Crimson Tide country is more of an art form than it is a method of cooking meat. The paper pig would be like a badge of honor hanging from your mirror, showing everyone that barbeque is king! You could turn the fan in your car up to high, roll down your window a little and blow out some of those fantastic barbeque vapors into the automobile next to you. Wouldn't that be something to impress your friends?

After the excitement of the paper pig has generated a fan base of hundreds of thousands of folks across the country, next on the scene could be room air purifiers. I know it's sort of a contradiction in terms to call barbeque scented air pure, but it would be an awesome experience to walk into your bedroom and be overcome by the scent of hickory smoked pork barbeque.

Let's not forget the perfume and cologne market. Choosing a name for the product would be as important as the fragrance. Something like “Barbeque Bouquet" would send sales through the roof! Never again would a man have to guess as to what perfume his date was wearing, because he would know within 10 feet of her exactly what essence of barbeque aroma she had chosen for that romantic evening. Hickory, cherry or even apple would have any red blooded American male swooning after the first hello!

Next of course would be after shave lotion and colognes for men. Television commercials would show a rugged outdoorsman sniffing the wind and smiling at the vision of a two huge Rib Eye steaks sizzling on an outdoor grill, with smoke delicately drifting past his nose. His eyes would suddenly widen and a look of astonishment would turn to joy as he realizes that the beautiful blonde walking toward him is wearing “Barbeque Bouquet"!

Spicy meat rubs and sauces would be another outlet for “Barbeque Bouquet". The list of items that could use this idea is staggering! The cardboard pig idea is so fantastic that it boggles the mind when you think of its commercial applications! But those ideas are best left to someone else, because by nature I'm a lazy man and all this sounds like work!

Bob Alexander is well experienced in outdoor cooking, fishing and leisure living. Bob is also the author and owner of this article.

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