Drink Healthy Nut Milks Instead Of The Stuff From Cows

Chet Day

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If you're drinking pasteurize, homogenized milk from cows, I have an alternative for you that'll cause your lips to smack with glee and your taste buds to shout with joy.

I'm talking about nut milks.

Nut milks?

Before you think I'm, well, nutty for suggesting such a thing, keep in mind that nuts have sustained human beings for tens of thousands of years.

And “milk" made from nuts is not only very tasty, it's also extremely healthy.

Okay, enough sales pitch for nut milks. Let's get to a couple of recipes.

The first is for one of my favorites: almond milk.

Almond Milk Recipe

Take raw almonds (must be raw) and soak them in water for one to twelve hours. I put some in a glass container, cover with water, and leave them in the refrigerator overnight.

The next morning, drain the almonds, put them in your Vita-Mix (or blender) with a little fresh water, and blend. By adjusting the amount of water, you can make your almond milk as thin or thick as you desire. You can use this “milk" in any recipe that calls for cow milk.

If you use a blender or want the almond milk quite thin, pour through several layers of cheese cloth. You can use the discarded almond pulp in cookies or on salads so whatever.

You can use the same technique with peanuts and sunflower seeds for peanut or sunflower milk. If you make peanut milk, try adding banana and honey, which is incredibly delicious!

If you want to really jazz up your nut milk, blend in a frozen banana for a delicious, nutritious healthy shake.

If you've never tried nut milks, I urge you to get off your duff and put an end to that omission because the stuff is simply delicious.

And very, very healthy.

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