Simple Tips on Cooking For Two

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I come from a fairly large family, so I was used to cooking for a lot of people when I first started cooking. It was hard for me to cut down my cooking proportions to adapt to smaller portions, but that is important when you are cooking for a few. Cooking for two can be a lot of fun and much less expensive than cooking for a lot. You don't have to cut down on quality or elegance just because you are preparing for a few. Many people think it is hard to fix meals for just two people, so they will often eat out because they don't want to go to all the trouble of cooking a meal for just two. This article will give some simple tips on cooking for two that can not only help plan your meals, but make it fun as well.

Cooking for two should be just as rewarding as cooking for many. I've always loved a good challenge and sometimes just fixing a meal for two can seem more like a chore than a privilege. It is up to you the cook, to make each meal a special treat. Your spouse will love the different meals you prepare, and if you are excited and look for new and creative ways of displaying your meals, you will both look forward to the special time together. You can often buy cheaper for two, so you will be able to afford better cuts of meat, fish, or wine, and be able to afford more expensive meals at home more often than most families. Cooking for two can afford you the luxury of gourmet meals at more affordable prices.

It is often easier when cooking for two to prepare extra that can be frozen and pulled out at a later date. On nights when you are limited on time, you can pull out one of your special meals you had already prepared and dress it up a little different than the last time you had prepared it. Your spouse will think you spent a lot of time preparing it and they will appreciate all your effort. You will feel proud of the little time you spent cooking for two and know that this particular night would normally have cost you money eating out, but because you planned ahead while previously cooking for two, you were able to save money that can be used for something else.

Grocery stores have now made cooking for two easy. You can buy just about anything these days in smaller portion sizes. This doesn't always give you the best prices, but in many cases, you can freeze what you don't use the first time. In other cases, buying a larger quantity, dividing and freezing up the portions you will need in cooking for two will allow you to save money for other expenses. With some creative ideas and a little desire on your part, cooking for two can be very fun and rewarding. I know your spouse will feel special that you went to all the trouble.

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