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Healthy Recipes – Jerky Stir Fry A Great Tasting 15 Minute Healthy Dinner

Bob Crane

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Out of necessity to find a dinner that I could prepare quickly and one that would have all of the required nutrients without being full of carbohydrates or additives I came up with a recipe that is great tasting and low fat. The following recipe is for two, but can easily be modified to feed more or less depending on your needs.

My work schedule was such that I couldn’t really get home before seven PM so I had to prepare dinner quickly so there would be plenty of time for it to digest before I had to go to bed. Going to bed on a full stomach never really worked out for me and it is not good for someone trying to lose weight or keep it off. So this light meal has to be made in a sequence that will allow it to be ready in fifteen minutes. Our microwave is a one thousand watt model so you may need to alter the cook times accordingly.

The ingredients include:

1 box of frozen sugar snap peas.
1 box of frozen broccoli florets
3 slices of sun dried tomatoes.
1 egg.
Brown rice.
Italian dressing made with olive oil.
And finally the jerky, you may substitute any flavor of jerky you like depending on your tastes, for example; natural turkey jerky, natural buffalo jerky slab style original, or the low carb tender hickory smoked natural beef jerky.

Step1) Start cooking the rice, use a brown rice and it should yield one cup of cooked rice when done.

Step2) While the rice is cooking place one frozen box of sugar snap peas in the microwave for four minutes.

Step3) As the sugar snap peas are cooking in the microwave begin scrambling one egg in a stovetop WOK pot. The egg should be finished around the same time as the sugar snap peas.

Step4) Remove the scrambled egg from the WOK and put it in a bowl. Then add the sugar snap peas into the WOK.

Step 5) After you remove the sugar snap peas from the microwave dish place one box of broccoli florets into the microwave for four minutes. Then return to the WOK and add one quarter cup of Italian dressing made with olive oil and stir the sugar snap peas in the oil. Let them simmer as you dice three pieces of sun dried tomatoes and put them in the WOK and continue stirring. Let that simmer as you cut up two pieces of low carb natural beef jerky and add that to the WOK. Around that time the broccoli florets should be done.

Step 6) Add the broccoli florets to the WOK and continue to stir. Once all of the vegetables, sun dried tomatoes, and jerky are all mixed together add one quarter cup of cashews and mix them in. The rice should be done by the time you finish stirring in the cashews so remove it from the heat and add it to the WOK.

Step 7) After all of the ingredients are mixed together add the egg back into the WOK and stir until it is all mixed together then cover for two minutes and serve.

After eating this flavor-packed meal you should feel satisfied but not stuffed like you would if you had eaten a meal loaded with carbohydrates.


I’m Bob Crane and I invite you to check out the best jerky I’ve ever tasted. There are several flavors to choose from and three different meats: beef, buffalo, and turkey. Unlike store bought jerky (who knows how long it’s been sitting on the shelf), our jerky is 100% natural, made with no preservatives, nitrites, hormones, antibiotics, MSG, or artificial ingredients. And it’s shipped straight to your door absolutely free! Come taste the difference!


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