Unsweetened Tea is a Calorie Bargain


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Although sweet tea is a staple in the South, unsweetened tea is what most people are referring to in northern states when they order iced tea in a restaurant or offer tea to guests in their home. In fact, many of these same Northerners are shocked when they sip their first drink of iced tea when visiting a state in the South. They are not expecting the full sugar rush of tea that has already been sweetened. Of course this is not to say that people living in the North don’t add sugar or other sweeteners to their tea. Many of them do along with lemon or other fruit flavors although there is a large number who prefer their tea with no additives at all. Some believe the unsweetened version of this drink does a better job of quenching their thirst.

For those looking to lose weight or at least keep an eye on their caloric intake, sweetened drinks must be counted right along with the calories in the food consumed each day. It becomes easy to forget or lose track of calories derived through drinking because they tend to be forgotten. Many commercial tea products such as those found in vending machines or in convenience stores contain sugar or other sweeteners and their labels should be examined carefully. If a tea drinker can find other ways to modify iced tea to their liking, they will end up with a much healthier drink.

Another way to sweeten tea without adding a lot of calories is by using non-caloric sugar substitutes. Sweeteners such as Equal or Splenda can add a lot of sweetness with just a small amount included in a drink. Lemon slices are typically served with tea and are great when squeezed and added to the glass. Lemon is also said to have some healthy properties and it certainly doesn’t hurt to add it to your drink. If your first experience with drinking plain iced tea has not been to your liking, try a few of the above variations. Unsweetened tea is often shocking to those new to tea and may need to be altered a bit to achieve a desirable taste.

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