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Kombucha Tea - Liquid Wellness In A Cup


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Kombucha tea is a pleasant-tasting, fermented drink made from green or black tea and a kombucha culture, sometimes called a Kombucha mushroom. This probiotic beverage is also known as Manchurian tea, Kargasok tea, tea Kvass, and has many other names too.

The starter culture (mushroom) is added to a mixture of black or green tea and sugar, and is then allowed to ferment for a week. The fermentation process breaks down much of the sugar and the result is a drink full of organic acids, enzymes, vitamins and minerals.

During this process, the original culture (mushroom) floats in the tea and produces a “baby mushroom". These “babies" are often given away to other people for starting their own cultures or they are kept to make new batches of the tea when the original mushroom turns dark brown and can’t be used anymore.

It is generally believed that Manchurian tea encourages the body to heal itself and that it stimulates general detoxification. Although no clinical studies have been performed that demonstrate any specific healing properties, health claims from its devotees are numerous and impressive; they say it boosts the immune system, delays the effects of ageing, improves skin conditions, cleanses internal organs, detoxifies the body and cleanses the blood.

If you are making your own tea, then you must use a jar or pot made from glass, glazed ceramic, or high-grade plastic, as the fermentation process produces an acidic liquid which could react with the pot releasing unwanted chemicals into your tea.

You must also ensure that everything that comes into contact with the culture (your hands and utensils) is extremely clean so that the tea does not become contaminated.

How much of this mushroom tea should you drink? This will vary according to what you are using it for and how your body reacts to it. When you first start to use this tea, you should begin with a small amount, about 2 oz twice daily. After about a week you can gradually start to increase the amount until you are drinking about a glass-full twice a day. Of course you must become aware of how your body is reacting to the drink and adjust the amount to suit you.

The effects of drinking Kombucha tea will be different for each individual and although it isn’t a miracle cure, it can assist with your general wellbeing.

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