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It may be that you are the only coffee drinker in your home. In such case it is best for you to opt for one of the one cup coffeemakers. This will be a worthy addition to your home and kitchen. These are special coffee machines that are designed for individuals who want a cup of coffee at a time for themselves but do not wish to make a whole pot in order to secure the one cup.

Indeed, preparing a whole pot of coffee for one person can be a big waste that is unnecessarily made. Making use of the single cup coffeemakers or one cup coffeemakers can help do away with this loss making. No wonder why they are becoming more and more popular. Their rising demand has led to the setting up of even single serve espresso machines.

It is said that in order to get the best taste and flavor the freshly brewed coffee ought to be served within twenty minutes of brewing. If a longer time elapses between the brewing and drinking then the coffee drink may well turn bitter or burnt tasting and the flavor of the special coffee beverages get ruined. So, the one cup coffeemakers are the best in case of single servings since they immediately dispense the coffee that it brews for one cup and thus ensures that the perfect taste is not lost.

The one cup coffeemakers work faster than standard coffee machines and most brew a cup in less than a minutes’ time. So, you can get your favorite coffee drink readied nearly as soon as you wished to get it brewed.

The one cup coffeemakers may be used with canned or freshly ground coffee beans. The single serving coffeemakers usually come with a reusable coffee filter built in thus doing away with the need for using paper filters. The reusable coffee filters are also presumed to deliver better results in terms of flavor and aroma.

What is more- the one cup coffeemakers also deliver an excellent single serving of tea beverage. For making tea using the machines the water may be heated in the machine and the tea bag put into the cup as usual. Alternatively, the tea bag can be placed into the filter and the water is to be run through like in case of coffee preparation.

Single serving espresso machines are available too coming in stainless steel or aluminum models. The stainless steel models, though comparatively more expensive, are considered preferable as there are considered to be health risks associated with brewing in aluminum containers. The single serving espresso machines of the day are small and lightweight. They are perfectly suited for preparing espresso drinks while traveling.

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