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For many of us less fortunate we can no longer enjoy a candy loaded with sugar. Some people with diabetes are forced to avoid sweet treats, others may choose to cut down the amount of sugars consumed, while even more may be cutting carbs for the latest fad diet. Whatever the reason there have been some fantastic changes in candy manufacturing that make it possible to enjoy candy while maintaining a sugar free lifestyle.

Well, of course, in the 60's and 70's and maybe even further back, there were sugar free candies. There were those little lollipops the dentist always gave the kids. And, there were also chocolates. I even tried a couple of them. Hummm! Let me see, what can I say about them? Oh, yes, they were tasteless and waxy: So much for sugar free candy back then.

Recent changes in the way candy is made and what it is made of has brought good news to those looking for a sugar alternative delight. Some of the traditional items remain, like the little lollipops from the dentist or the mints on various office desks. These days there are much better choices and flavors available. The most gourmet and fanciest delicacies are now available in a no sugar added chocolate version. The rest of the candy world has seen promising results too! Anything from root beer barrels to chewing gum are now offered in a sugarless version that has really good taste without the calories. Even the American favorite Jelly Belly jellybeans now come in a sugar free variety.

Now, in the recent past, some companies have come out with low carbohydrate chocolate bars, but many who tried them, while loving the taste, had a negative reaction in the tummy. Yes, they got upset stomachs and, therefore, couldn't eat the little yummies! Now, due to newer sweeteners on the market, the taste is not only great, there are few negative, laxative type effects from consumption. Yes, those of us who are glycemically challenged can now safely nibble away on our sorely missed candy morsels.

So, take heart! There are new discoveries every day that help those who are forced to live the candy less lifestyle, and now there are many, many choices with which to titillate our palates. So go ahead and enjoy, who says you can't have candy?

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Sugar Free Retro Sweet and Juvenile Diabetes
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