Our Sodas and Diet Drinks Are Not Safe to Drink


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Why is it that so much of what we consume is bad for us? Why can't we simply crave for more of the good stuff? There must be reasons behind it all. Maybe we're only told what the governments and corporations want us to know. Well, whatever the reasons are, there's no escaping the fact that just about all the human population loves sodas and colas, and we should all know by now just how bad they are for our health.

In the beginning, we knew nothing, or certainly very little, about the damaging contents of such drinks. However, now that we do know, we still continue to gulp them down without a care in the world. Okay, so maybe we do care, but we must care less rather than more, otherwise we'd simply all switch over to healthier beverages.

In the USA, it was estimated that more than 15 billion gallons of sodas and colas were sold in the year 2000 alone, and this figure is bound to be higher now that we are a few years into the new millennium. Even I was surprised to read such a report. But if we know that these drinks are so bad for us, why on earth do we continue to consume them? I can understand the problems a smoker may have kicking the tobacco habit as it's extremely addictive, but soft sugary, gassy drinks! Can it really be so difficult?

I'm sure it's common knowledge now (particularly in the western world), that sodas contribute greatly to obesity, tooth rot, weakening bones and not to mention a dependence on caffeine. Ah, so maybe that's it. It's all about the caffeine.

Many parents continue to stock up on humungous bottles of sodas despite their links to childhood obesity. The movie theaters now serve such big beakers of these that it takes 2 hands to hold the darn things upright. Vending machines tempt thirsty folks on every street corner, office buildings and schools. And just about anyone who's anyone, sponsors (and therefore promotes), the big names in the soda industry. But just because it's there, doesn't mean we have to drink it. Does it?

Next time you've got a cola bubbling up inside your mouth, just remember that the acids are etching away at the enamel on your teeth and over time they will prevail. And when it's down into your stomach it'll play havoc with your gastrointestinal system given half a chance. Oh, and let's not forget all that lovely caffeine. As if it's not bad enough getting a bout of it in our java fix, it's being thrust down our throats with cold sodas too. Watch out for diet colas as they have more caffeine than their regular counterparts.

Another report suggests that stimulant drinks such as Red Bull, contain extra amounts of caffeine and have shown aggressive behavior and violence among the kids that consume them.

There are far too many damaging reports to list in this shot piece, but with a little research online you'll be able to uncover a plethora of facts and figures that'll turn you into a fresh water addict in no time at all.

Surely the time has now come for soda manufacturers to invest their time, money, and efforts into researching and manufacturing some healthy alternatives to the sodas of today for the good of the nation.

Jill Crute is a proficient writer for Drinking Drinks dot com where she has articles on the Popular Chai Tea and a Hangover Cure . She also has many other drinks and drinking related pieces on the site.


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