Top Ten Signs That You Are Baking Cookies Too Often


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As a child, I often counted sheep when I had trouble falling to sleep. Since counting sheep does not work for me anymore, I turn on the television to catch up on late night entertainment. My favorite show is Late Night with David Letterman, that has obviously inspired me to write this list, “Top Ten Signs That You Are Baking Cookies Too Often. "

10. Your kids are bouncing off the walls because you keep feeding them cookies.

9. You are always out of eggs, butter, flour.

8. You constantly look for training courses on baking cookies and wish that you could attend them.

7. Every time the telephone rings, you think it's the oven timer going off.

6. You spend hours in public libraries looking for cookie recipes that you have not yet prepared.

5. You answer to the name “Cookiesi".

4. You experiment with gluten free cookie mixes even though no one in your family is sensitive to gluten.

3. You think that the kitchen is an actual laboratory and you are a real chemist.

2. The first things you do in the morning are preheating your oven and lining cookie sheets with parchment paper.

1. You start a Web site to explain and illustrate proper cookie baking techniques, and can not stop building it.

Nevertheless, I insist that one can never bake enough cookies. :-)

Without specifically naming them, 7 items on this list are applicable to the author. Her Web site is Baking Perfect Homemade Cookies with Five Essential Rules where visitors can find, among other useful baking information, a growing collection of cookie recipes, especially those from around the World.

Copyright 2006 by Trinh Lieu

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