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Good news yesterday evening, the economy exceeded expectations and as expected everything is green today. So if you took a gamble at the bottom of the trough a few days ago and stuck with it, it's paying off.

Still dodgy for the long term though. It will fall again. But who knows when. The higher the rise, the harder the fall. I reckon give it a few days. . .

But at least there is a pattern emerging now. Which means the risk of placing bets is reduced. And there's enough risk inherent in trading that when some of it is lessened, well that's a good thing.

It's a bank holiday weekend in London, so we'll be ending on a high. The papers will like that and next week will start with some overconfidence, in London at least.

The Enron gang got convicted last night. That's a good thing in my eyes: “because the boss hog always knows what the little piglets are up to. " Come on, did you really think he was innocent?

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