How to Get Out of Financial Crisis, Money Problems and Making Money When We are Broke

Entjik Jeffrie

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Making money is not a mystery at all, but money is very important in our daily life. Earl Nightingale said that the amount of service that we render for other people or our community will generate the money that we need. You have to figure it out, what your gift is, if you think of Tiger Wood, you will think of Golf, if you think of Bill Gates, you will think of computers, and if you think of Donald Trump, you will think of his Apprentice show or a real estate investor. So find out that, what kind of thing that people will think about when they think of you?

The reason why a lot of people are in the financial rut is because they are serving only 1 master who their boss and they are never taught how to manage, invest and use their money wisely. They work for only 1 company. Henry Ford became extremely wealthy because he served millions of the American people by providing them with affordable cars; therefore he worked for more than 1 master or company. He served the masses.

A computer technician was paid $100/hour to come up with a solution for a new company. You may wonder why some people can get paid $100/hour while some get paid $6/hour. The reason why the computer technician was paid $100/hour is because he has enough proper information that can be used to come up with the right solution for the company that he was working with. His solution can help the company to create millions of dollar.

Some people made it to a millionaire status, most people don't, because the people who made it to the millionaire status are willing to increase the amount of the right kind information they have in their life. You must have the proper information before you can improve your life style.

Doctors go to a medical school for 8 to 10 years plus their clinical practice before they can start practicing. Business owners have to attend many business meetings and seminars in order to create a better business.

If you want to become a millionaire, find a millionaire who is willing to teach you, find an example of the people who make it. Don’t get jealous of their fortune, but learn from them. Choose to be Rich series by Robert Kiyosaki is a good way to start if you are really serious in improving your financial life.

Some of them go to investment seminars to prepare themselves, so when an opportunity comes, they can see it. Some read and spend a lot of money on books on how to become a better business owner and a better financial manager.

You must invest your time, energy and money if you want to improve your life! If your car is worth $60 of gas, your brain is worth more than $60! You must increase the amount of proper information and knowledge in your life when you want to improve your life style and increase income.

That’s right, you can’t be lazy. I know that we all have lost our motivation every once in a while, but you must be able to regain your motivation back. How do you do that? Read good inspiration books like the Purpose Driven Life, Bruce Wilkinson’s Books, and if you are a Christian, read your bible. Listen to inspirational tapes and CDs, go to seminars, and you can even eat your favorite ice cream. Find a way to motivate yourself, if you like cars, put photos of nice cars that you really want to have in your future, if you like traveling, put photos of the places where you can to travel to and so on.

You can afford to stay down too long after getting knocked down. You must get up, stand up and get back up! You can’t stay too long in the water or you will drown.

If you really too lazy or too unmotivated, try to start small, make a little step, read a small book, remember 1 page/1 day that’s all. Make that a habit, and then increase the amount of the page after 7 days, and keep doing that over and over again, until you are finally able to read the whole entire book.

When you first learn how to drive a car, you always have to think about where the signal lever is, the wiper blade button and where the key goes, but after 30 days of driving the same car, everything becomes a habit. You know exactly where all things are. Discipline creates habits and your daily habits create your success!

Remember this, you can’t stay down too long, get back up and stand up, find the proper information that you need to increase your income and improve your life style.

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How to Get Money When You Are Broke
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