Wealth Building -Part-4-You Can Start Today

Kenneth Little

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You have ideas worth a million dollars. Yes, you. Not every day. But you have them. And if you harnessed them you would never have to work another day at that job you loath going off to every day. This ideas area is a good place to start your wealth building.

Somebody said “Who am I waiting for to give me an opportunity? The answer is all you've got to do is give yourself permission to take up this opportunity.

Please excuse me, but the truth is your challenge is you are living with a view of income earning ability that belongs in a bygone era. A long time ago members of the work force were the first of three factors in the process of production. Labor. The other two were Land ( what factories are built on ) and Capital (what factories are built with ).

You need to know there is a fourth factor - Enterprise. Webster defines Enterprise as - “. . . readiness to engage in daring or difficult action: initative. . "

You use your initative by using your “million dollar" ideas. Remember , they're the ones you have regularly. And they earn you way more than $100 an hour.

OK so now your yelling for an example for your wealth building plan. Well, try this. The Land we mentioned earlier (commercial property ) has to be found by the owners of the Capital to set up businesses.

The guy that profits from this process first - hopefully it will be you - is the one who finds the Land and introduces its availability to the Capital owner.

Ah, but “How could I do that, I'm broke?" I hear you say. What's in short supply here is not money. Its the knowledge, on the part of the Capital owner, that the Land exists.

You're the only one who knows the deal is possible and with that knowledge you can advertise for a joint venture partner.

You provide the deal. They put up the cash.

And that's only one idea. In a day you have many.

You Can Start Today with your wealth building plan.

Just be sure you have a pad and pen ready, even in the middle of the night, when that next million dollar idea comes your way.

Copyright 2006 Kenneth Little

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