Wealth Building -Part-3-For the Serious Would Be Millionaire

Kenneth Little

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At the great age of 58 I have finally arrived at a point in my life where I do what I love - writing- and I get paid for it.

You can also - as soon as you apply the techniques in Wealth Building for The Serious Would Be Millionaire.

Your journey starts with you discovering and accepting that you have a talent that no one else has. You can choose a life burdened by earning from a “hard labor" job where you feel your workplace is a prison. Or can choose a life blessed with income streams from a labor of love.

You will have seen on TV people talk about what they do for a living and joking that they get paid for what they do. You will have said to yourself you'd like to know how they do it.

Now you can. These blessed souls have their unique talent - their Super-Skill -early in life. Not many go this road. But those who do not there's an alternative.

You have to desire to know your Super-Skill with the same desire a childless mum has for her first born.

This desire fire must burn in your “belly". As it burns it will draw people into your life who will be able to help you with the discovery and development of your unique talent.

Your Super-Skill is that talent you offer to the market place in return for you earning your first million, and your second. . . . . .

At birth God gave you a Super-Skill. Your awesome responsibility is to find it. That requires your desire fire. And your diligence. And your determination to press through all sorts of walls of opposition.

Do it and you will be blessed with an outworking of Wealth Building -Part-3-For the Serious Would Be Millionaire.

Copyright 2006 Kenneth Little

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