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How to Make a Billion Dollars 4 Easy Steps

Shalini G

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Who is interested in making one billion dollars or more? Here, I tell you a plan for getting one billion dollars or more. There are four simple steps that you need to do and if you follow them , yo can be the next billionaire. Before starting to read the simple four easy steps, minimize the browser window, go off from the desk right now and devote few moments to think on “Why do you need that money?". If you can think of a compelling purpose (or purposes), your job of making a billion dollars would be much easier. Many people think that it would be nice if they have a million. They think that they can not make the million dollar and damn right they are. No one can make money unless they believe they can. Now, let us look at our plan for making a billion dollars.

1. Visualize the Billions

Now, tell me how much money would you like to earn in a month or an year. Think of a reasonable amount of money ('reasonable; need not be low). Think how much do you want to earn to test this idea. My reasonable income target would be much different from your income target. Write down in a piece of paper that amount and a date before you would like to have that money. For instance, you could write down , “i want $500 from my online earnings before 31, July 2008". Go ahead to this website to make the Cheque in your name and stick it in a place where you can see it daily. It is a kind of meditation as described in “The Secret" book. Just see your favourite Cheque every morning and think how it will make you happy when you receive the cheque. Just visualize the millions flowing into your life.

2. Ask for Assistance

Next, you need to find who is already earning the money that you would like to earn. If you want to make $500 a month, find out who is already making $1000 or more every month. Prepare a list of 10 or 20 persons who are already making $1000 or more every month from online work. Ask for help, if that person is not willing to share it, move down the list and ask the next person. Do not stop until you find at least 3 persons who would like to help in achieving your target. Get the ideas from the experts. Ask them how they are so successful in their online business. You will be surprised how many will be willing to help if you have a written goal and well-defined target. When you are determined to earn the money, the Universe itself will help you to get the money. Your goal should be get as many ideas as possible.

3. Take Actions

From previous step, you will have a list of money making ideas. Act on an idea. An idea is worthless if it s not acted upon. Just do it. If you get an idea, just work on it. Go to the extremes and turn every stone until the idea is working. If you are not an expert, bring the expertise into your idea. If something is not working even after your efforts, then you are hanging with a wrong idea. Choose another one and act on it. When will you know if an idea is a wrong idea? Start listening to your inner voice, when it tells you something is wrong, stop hanging on to that idea. If you listen to your voice and take massive actions, there is no way your result (billion) will elude you. No way.

4. Give back

Feel grateful for all the money you receive now. Be grateful to the Universe / God for the money that you are going to receive in future. Be happy and thankful for all the help that you received. Be thankful to everyone who directly or indirectly contributed. Thank everyone. Remember the universe helped you to earn the money you wanted. Give back something to the society. Donate to a charity, feed a hungry person. If you act nice to the world, the world will act nice to you. You will continue to receive more and more wealth beyond your first billion. It works like a charm.

That's all the magical plan (Visualize - Get Help - Take Actions - Give Back) I wanted to write about. Which way is the best way? Obviously, there are so many genuine methods and ideas that help you to make money. We will leave the scams in this discussion. People can only speak from their own experience. Some people will say that it is impossible to make quick money on the Internet. Those people are right in their own rights and capacity and they will continue to make money from their day job salary. The world is changing, it changes every moment. It is taking less time to make the first million on the web than in real world. Kevin Rose of Digg made his first million much quicker than Bill Gates. Surely, you must learn the new rules of making money.

There are some slow money making methods in which you need to work hard to get only few pennies, but, there are some quick money making methods which are better and genuine only if you know the insider secrets. Of course, you could little help from an e-course such as ‘Making your first Billion’ by visiting We are teaching only genuine money making methods and ideas and we hate spams just like you. This is exactly why we offer a 60-day money back guarantee (No conditions attached). We will happily refund your course fees if you do not wish to continue with our course after trying it. Or you could turn down this excellent offer and work your way to top in say 40 or 50 years. You have the power to make your life by making the right choices. Check our offer NOW by visiting In any case, GOOD LUCK.

Check for more information and exclusive genuine money making ideas. We will give your course fees if you do not make money within the first 30 days.


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