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Beyond Building Wealth-Creating Financial Freedom Means Being Comfortable With Abundance


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Are you comfortable with more than enough?

Can you honestly say you use what resources you have wisely? You know that old saying about money burning a hole in your pocket? Well that happens to a lot of us because money equals energy. It's a symbolic form of energy. Most of us have a limit as to how much energy we will allow into our lives, be it in the form of love, vibrant health, *** energy or money.

Gradually allowing ourselves to be more and more comfortable with larger sums of money is an exercise. Feeling prosperous while visualizing a life of ease can be a tremendous help in having more good flow naturally into your life. Carry a $100 bill in your wallet just to feel it there.

Walk vigorously, consciously releasing the stress of the day while inhaling and absorbing more life force with every deep breath.

Feeling all the energy you need to succeed aligns with having more than enough of everything. Feeling exhausted and depleted aligns with not enough of anything.

Which one feels more familiar to you? Which state of being do you desire? Practice feeling more than enough in any way that you can.

When you spend money be glad you have it to spend and then affirm,

"It's all coming back to me anyway. " This will help you get used to abundance.

As you begin to notice the many forms of abundance that are all around you, all the time, you will cultivate and deepen your sense of gratitude. This is truly one of the most important practices for creating a life of your dreams.

When you feel grateful for something, take a moment to breathe at least one deep breath while feeling how good it feels to have all that. Take another moment to feel thankful for having abundance and beauty in your life.

Feeling great gratitude is an excellent way to spend your energy and use your resources wisely. The more you spend the more it comes back to you.

While your financial planner may not get this intimately involved with your psyche, at Stress Free Personal Finance, personal finance for your right brain, we know that achieving massive passive income has everything to do with how you think about it. When it comes to long-term financial freedom balancing your neuro-nets is every bit as crucial as balancing your portfolio.

At we specialize in inspiring tools to set you financially free. Plus there's free articles and audio to continually inspire you on your path towards financial freedom, radiant health and healthy, fulfilling relationships, because when you have enough money you can easily have all that!

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