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David D. Wells

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Riding a wave of money momentum is not always easy. Whether you are looking to make money momentum materialize or to get it back, at times the financial weather report can be gloomy. The gloom I’m speaking of is high gasoline prices, slow economic recovery, and continued layoffs. Not to mention it appears as though every company is passing along the increase in the price of gas they themselves pay, to you.

Despite your best efforts, life can sometimes throw you a financial storm of sorts. At times it seems that financial storms come when you least expect them; but it may be that there were warning signs you did not heed. You can spend time playing the blame game or you can get up and get back into the money game. How you choose determines if you win or lose.

Curtailing the flood of bills can be difficult. It is hard not to be caught up in the cycle. I know by the time your paycheck arrives, you may feel as though you have to treat yourself to a nice dinner out or some new clothes. I’m not saying not to do these things but I am saying to plan for these nice treatments rather than doing them spontaneously.

Every business owner knows or should know that spontaneous purchases by consumers, equal higher profits for the business owner and less spending power for the consumer. If you make purchases without planning for them you will most likely spend more than you originally intended. Have a plan before hand.

David Bach, author of The Automatic Millionaire, tells his readers to automate their financial goals. I could not agree more. The less you have to think about, in regard to building wealth, the better. This leaves more time for researching fun and profitable investments.

When I invest to profit from rising gasoline prices I automate my investing. I tell my broker to enter me into an investment at a particular price and get me out once I’ve made a certain amount of profits. I also tell my broker to get me out if it drops to a certain level as well. What this means is that I don’t have to spend time searching investment prices and watching them all day long. I am free to go on vacation and not worry.

Finally, I leave you with fortune building advice I call Dave’s Diamonds™. They summarize the main points of the message.

Dave’s Diamond #1: How you choose determines if you win or lose

Dave’s Diamond #2: Have a plan before hand

Dave’s Diamond #3: Automate the money gate

For more information on automating your wealth accumulation, using the price of gasoline to make you more money in less time than you thought possible, visit and order Money Tracks today.

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