Low Investment Business Opportunity-Making Big Money Within 12 Months

Martin Thomas

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Ask a millionaire what they look for in a business investment opportunity and inevitably they will tell you low risk, high reward. That's pretty obvious and certainly what I look for when Im ready to take on a new project.

By low risk, we inevitably mean low entry cost. A small outlay for the highest possible yield is always desired from an investment perspective. Sitting on some money, the last thing we want to do is squander it rather then make it work for us so it grows. So we look for places to invest it for a return.

The stock market may offer 5%-10% and in a really good year you can expect no more than 30% in fact that would be such a good year that you should definitely consider selling soon simply because its such an aberration that it is bound to return a negative number next year.

Of course the stock market is not a low risk, high reward investment. The outlay is 100% of the money we have to invest. We can invest in options or warrants which only require a premium to be paid against the value of the stock parcel however this is best left to highly skilled stock players as the premium is generally and often lost buy the investor.

A business investment on the other hand is quite a different proposition from the perspective of the stock market. In the stock market you have absolutely no control over the company or its share price and where it goes. . . north or south. A business investment means you are the commander and chief of the ship. You have maximum 100% control of the future consequences and outcome of the businesses fate.

Neither of these investment mediums are particularly attractive to me but it doesn't mean they won't work for you. A low risk business investment that does attract me is creating money from very little. Irrespective of how much money my bank account bulges with, I always pursue the low investment/high value purchase that gives me access to excess intrinsic value.

I don't mind whether its a sea going vessel or a house or a used circus tent. To me its irrelevant. Its the numbers that matter and the intrinsic excess value. These “levers" are the structure of the deals I create.

Making money from thin air is not only possible, but with good capital gains- deal after deal you can only start making big money within 12 months.

To your health and rapid success

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