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If You Had $2500 Dollars To Invest - What Would You Do?

Martin Thomas

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Recently, I was sent an unsolicited prospectus from a start up company requiring seed capital for an Alpaca farm. I read the prospectus with amusement and began actually considering it seriously. These strange looking creatures are incredibly lucrative and this investment would actually fit within my procedural investment policies.

I am always a prudent and conservative investor, but this low risk low returns approach contrasts with my primary objective which is to get large compounded returns every year. I am not greedy (or foolish) and 30% returns are on the stretched side of safe. When considering an investment, my first consideration is “will I get my money back" Not how much will I make. I assess risk seriously.

But I also segregate a very small percentage of my portfolio for high risk/high return investments. Only about 2% of my portfolio is allocated for these schemes. I call it “mad money" as in crazy money. The way I see it, this is where the emerging microsofts and wallmarts will be found. This is where magical and astronomical returns are possible.

This Alpaca farm required just $2500 for a 1% stake in the company. If this became a large corporation in time, and its market cap grew to a billion dollars and it was floated on the stock exchange, owning 1% of a billion dollar value is a large number. A billion dollars is 1000 million, so 1% would be $10,000,000 dollars!!!

As prudent as I am, I am also realistic and I understand that it is absolutely true that there are start ups out there, with an awesome idea and an incredible business model. It is just my job to find them. These types of start ups often promise and sometimes deliver returns of 1000% to 10,000% percent. These are crazy numbers. Some work out, some don't.

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