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Most of my colleagues and friends sometimes discuss about salary when we meet. We talk about raises, what should be the % of raise in annual appraisals, when you shift company or even you are given addition responsibility etc.

They ask me what is the appropriate monthly income one should get. Wow! A question, I guess this has no correct answer. Well, I would say it depends on what ones needs are.

People brag about current salary and how they are satisfied with their current jobs. How they get 30-40% raise during annual appraisals and organization shift overs. Beware, there is a limit your salary can go to during these raises. Soon, it will reach a stage where such raises will not have a substantial effect on your salary packages.

This is year 2006. If you think your current job or current income generator is able to generate 100,000 Rs by the year 2020, then you don't need to do anything else. I would say “You are well off". If not, then you should start thinking about ways to generate income.

This is the reason why you need 100,000 (One Hundred Thousand).
Years - Corresponding amount per month for average living.
Year 1940 - Rs 10
Year 1960 - Rs 100
Year 1980 - Rs 1000
Year 2000 - Rs 10000
Year 2020 - Rs 100,000

Note the pattern, just a 0 (zero) is being added to the end after every 20 years. That's a pattern being followed for last 60 years. Therefore, in year 2020 you will need Rs 100,000 for an average living, whether you agree or disagree.

This is year 2006, so in line with the pattern an individual with income around Rs 25,000 is well off to some extent now.

Times running up fast. Sit back and think.

Will your current income generator give you 100,000?

Cheriyan Thankachen

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Passive Income. One Simple Source, Multiple Income Streams
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