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5 Things Preventing You From Creating Wealth


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There are only 5 things which are preventing you from getting rich, or at least creating enough wealth to live the lifestyle of your dreams. Once you overcome these five things, you will be removing the barriers which prevent 99 percent of people from living a life of luxury.

Here are the 5 things: lack of focus, lack of desire, lack of perseverance, negativity, and failure to start.

You will notice that each of those five things are related to your own personality and thought process. There is no mention of lack of time, or lack of money, or anything external to you or beyond your control.

That is the reason so many people fail to create wealth. They talk about it, but they never succeed in doing it. Because to succeed in creating wealth, would require them to change themselves. It would require them to become a better person, and change all of their anti-wealth habits.

This is also good news. Even though developing new habits and creating personal change is not easy, it is something everybody can do. Thus, creating the wealth of your dreams is within the reach of almost everyone.

That includes you.

So here are the five things holding you back and some quick things you can do for each one.

Lack of focus. Stop multitasking. Stick to one thing until it is finished, before moving on to the next thing. Play concentration games, and board games which require concentration, rather than video games. Chess, Checkers, and Backgammon are good diversions which do not slowly rob you of your ability to concentrate.

Lack of desire. Many people wish they could be rich, or wish they had more money. Of course they never become rich, because wishing is not the same as desire. A wish is passive, where desire is active. A wish is waiting for somebody else to do something. Desire goes out and gets it done. Desire is wanting something, and acknowledging there will be some hard work and sacrifice involved, but going after it anyway. Wishers never succeed. Those with a strong desire, often do.

Lack of perseverance. Along with your desire, you need to develop the ability to persevere. Even desire alone will not carry you through when you start to struggle. You must develop the quality of never giving up. Even when things look bad, and get difficult, you must be able to stick with it and persevere. This alone will set you apart from most other people.

Negativity. Just as you require perseverance to get you through when things are not going the way you want them to, you must also cultivate the ability to see the positive side of every situation. You must not get down on yourself, or other people. Do not beat yourself up when things don't go your way. Just as you must persevere, you must also do your best to stay in a positive frame of mind. Negativity will kill your desire faster than anything else.

Failure to start. This is the most important thing, when it comes to success in wealth creation, or success in anything. Just start. There are many legitimate ways to get rich. Just pick a system and get started. Perseverance is the ability to continue once you start. If you do not actually start, none of the other things matter. You must take a new direction, and turn over a new leaf. Get out of your comfort zone and try something new. Because for most of us, actually creating wealth for ourselves is going to be something new. Set your mind to it, and get started.

Let me end this by telling you a secret.

You do not have to be perfect. Just do your best at overcoming these five barriers to wealth creation, and keep at it.

As long as you are doing your best, you will succeed in due time.

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