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How $750 Turned into $8,300 in 2 Months

David D. Wells

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Generating a huge amount of profits is not uncommon in the particular market where $750 turned into $8,300. The reason is because human behavior and seasonal weather patterns helped determine how to properly position trades to capitalize on this information. In other words, profits were easily able to be identified by noticing seasonal tendencies and careful timing.

Want to know how it was done and how you could do it too? Every year the summer marks the beginning of the driving season. The summer driving season is when many Americans take their summer vacations. As they take their vacations during this time it usually drives up the price of gasoline.

The summer driving season also coincides with the hurricane season. The hurricane season is when the formation of hurricanes is mostly likely. This season lasts from June 1st through November 1st.

Hurricanes have the potential to damage oil platforms along the Gulf Coast. If these platforms are damaged it will slow down the supply of gasoline because gasoline is made from crude oil. This temporary reduction in supply may drive up the price of gasoline.

Hurricanes damaging oil platforms during the hurricane season may or may not actually occur. However, just the threat of this happening usually causes crude oil to increase in price. Investors will drive the price of crude oil up during this time.

Smart investors will look to profit from this information not during the time most investors are positioning for this move but ahead of them. While most investors are just starting to position for this trade as June approaches the smart investors have already entered this investment in March or April when prices were lower.

This allowed for smart investors to enter into the trade at a much lower price than most traders. As the less savvy investors begin buying crude oil it forces an increase in the price of crude oil. This is because as more people start buying it allows for sellers to demand a higher price.

Smart investors who bought in March or April then sell their investments to investors who began buying in May and June. This is how $750 turned into $8,300. Smart investors can choose to sell some or all of their positions.

Some smart investors will hold on to some of their positions and sell them later in the year. This may give them more profits than what was discussed in this article.

This trade can be done every year. Can you see how much money you can make doing such a trade once a year? Imagine saving up $7,500 during the year and turning that into $83,000 in about 2 months!

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